Motivation To Lose Weight – The Right Mindset And Goals

Motivation To Lose Weight

The Best Motivation To Lose Weight is a Real Short-Term Goal

We set goals regularly. Even when we go to the store, we give ourselves the task: “buy bread.” Put on a jacket – and then the goal is “not to freeze.” When you do the tidying at home before the guests arrive – again set the goal of “being a good hostess, making a good impression”.

Any our action is aimed at obtaining a result. We always move through life in the direction that we consciously or unconsciously want for ourselves. If we set the right goals, then we will always go in the right direction.

Short term goals are in most cases more important than medium and long term goals. They are geared towards meeting your daily needs. They are easier to achieve.

In most cases, long-term goals are never achieved. They are a vital landmark, like a beacon, indicating the direction. The alcoholic’s motto is: “It is impossible to drink all the vodka on earth, but you need to strive for it.” Big goal, just a dream! He is unlikely to carry it out. But why not strive for it?

Also, a woman who wants to lose weight has a goal in her head that may remain an unattainable dream. But there is a way out! Set short-term goals.

The main feature of daily goals is that they are easy to achieve. Thus, your motivation to lose weight will not disappear in a couple of weeks. To keep your enthusiasm alive, follow these guidelines:

  • Create a motivational diary;
  • On the cover, write your main goal “I want to lose weight”;
  • In the evening, make a plan for the next day. Write specifically: what you will eat (nutrition plan), how long will you exercise, how many steps you undertake to go through tomorrow, what useful products you will buy for yourself.
  • Follow your plan the next day.
  • In the evening, thank yourself for successfully completing all the points and make a plan for the next day.

Motivation #1 – Losing Weight For Health

Globally, 30% of the population is overweight and obese. Most of them want to lose weight. What for? Of course, everyone understands that “extra pounds” is a load on the internal organs. See how hard a fat man moves, and how easily a slender woman moves.

The most powerful motivation for losing weight is taking care of your own health. Even after getting rid of a couple of kilograms, the body feels better, and the soul is filled with joy. You will feel a tremendous effect when you get rid of even 5% of excess weight.

Thoughts For Motivating Weight Loss:

  • Even a little weight loss is incredibly beneficial for your health and well-being;
  • Overweight leads not only to obesity, but also to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The likelihood of stroke and the development of cancer cells decreases.
  • The lower the percentage of internal fat, the better the internal organs work, there is no pain in the joints.
  • Excess weight provokes the development of inflammatory processes.
  • Psychologists often draw a parallel and strong relationship between obesity and depression.
  • Normal weight people live longer.

Scientific Research Provides The Following Statistics:

Every 5 kg of excess weight increases your risk of developing 10 types of cancer, including leukemia, cervical, kidney and thyroid cancers.

Obese people are 18% more likely to die from stroke and cardiovascular disease.

In the United States, 75% of medical expenses are spent on treating diseases that are a consequence of being overweight.

Motivation #2 – Personal Life

A slim woman has a much higher chance of finding a life partner than a XXXL lady. Few men like overweight women.

In an uncomfortable weight, a woman does not feel liberated, there is no grace. This gives rise to complexes, self-esteem falls, and with it the confidence to find a soul mate.

Extra pounds can become an obstacle to a full-fledged sexual relationship. They limit partners in the variety of physiological satisfaction.

Obesity associated with hormonal imbalances affects libido in both men and women. Rejection of your body arises.

A woman stops dressing brightly so as not to attract attention to herself once again. There is no motivation for self-care. Therefore, when a man begins to show signs of attention to a woman, she perceives them with caution. There is a fear that a man just wants to joke with her.

A plus size woman looks much older than her age. Excess weight in 100% of cases leads to poor health. What kind of sex drive is there?

A woman dissatisfied with her appearance becomes irritable and sometimes hysterical.

Getting rid of extra pounds of fat will become a strong motivation for losing weight to a woman who wants to improve her personal life and find a worthy life partner.

Motivation #3 – Dream Job

Employees of recruitment agencies confirm the problems in finding work for overweight women. Of course, we do not have discrimination based on the age, gender and appearance of the employee. But, as soon as an obese person starts looking for a good job, he will surely face rejection from employers.

You can forget about your dream job. Therefore, the motivation to lose weight for people looking for work will be the strongest incentive to find a worthy job with high wages.

The range of professions for discordant women is greatly narrowing. There are specialties, such as a flight attendant or an airplane flight attendant, where weight standards exist. A few extra pounds can cause you to lose your job.

In a store or boutique selling branded clothing or perfumes, you will not meet a fat woman, she will simply not be taken there initially. But in a regular store, where the salary is an order of magnitude lower, there are plenty of them.

Unfortunately, employers have biases imposed on them from the field of fitness, beauty and health. There is a stereotype that a curvy woman is not agile enough, slow enough, has health problems and does not look presentable.

Motivation #4 – Self-Confidence

Low self-esteem and self-doubt are a frequent companion of overweight people. The inability to lose weight and get your body back to normal becomes a psychological problem. This condition can greatly affect your mood and even develop into depression.

Overweight people often feel guilty. It seems to them that they cannot lose weight due to weak willpower and laziness. They lose confidence. Their opinion of themselves and their capabilities is declining.

Attempts to lose weight were unsuccessful, which means I have a weak character. Most obese people think of themselves this way. Self-esteem decreases, and with it, the desire to understand the problem disappears. Obese people withdraw into themselves and suffer greatly from this.

Many people think that when they lose weight they will be happier. This is not entirely true. It all depends on the individual, the internal attitudes of the person. Therefore, it is important not only to engage in the process of losing weight, but also to engage in self-development, personal and spiritual growth.

Gaining self-confidence, becoming happier and improving the quality of their life will be a good motivation for people who think about their future life.

Weight Loss Affirmation

There are special combinations of words that help break down your psychological barriers, gain confidence to achieve the dream of a beautiful figure.

Affirmations are positive affirmations that help motivate yourself towards certain attitudes. Their repeated repetition can work wonders. Faith and motivation are powerful things!

It is important to start each statement with the word “I” or “Me” and speak in the present tense.

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Affirmations are not prayer. You can say them in any order, add your statements. It is important to conduct auto-training daily.

  • I only eat when I’m hungry;
  • I am losing weight every day;
  • I am following my meal plan;
  • I control how much I eat;
  • It is easy for me to lose weight;
  • I’m getting slimmer every day;
  • I am happy that every day the weight decreases;
  • I feel healthy;
  • I am creating a body that I will admire;
  • I have a flat stomach;
  • I love my figure;
  • I like taking care of my body;
  • I only eat wholesome food;
  • I am independent of food;
  • I got rid of food addiction;
  • I believe in you.

Tips & Tricks – Motivation To Lose Weight

  1. Stop trying your best. If you feel that your motivation to lose weight is fading away, then allow yourself a short break for 1-2 days. At this time, do not burden yourself with workouts and allow yourself to enjoy a delicious treat.
  2. Before starting a diet or reducing the amount of food, get tested for hormones and consult your doctor about your health.
  3. Stop sitting all the time! 65% of people sit for 20 hours a day, which negatively affects the figure. Get into good habits: talk on the phone while standing, never take public transport. Get up from your workplace more often to walk.
  4. Join Gluttony Anonymous. There you will get a lot of experience, new friends and like-minded people. It is a free community of people who use the 12 Step program. In most major cities, they have live groups. For the rest – Skype groups, chats for communication and mutual assistance.


Take care of yourself, love and accept yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses. Determine your weight loss motivation that will drive you to achieve your ideal weight. Watch motivating videos to help you achieve the desired result.