The Right Motivation to Quit Smoking within a Week

Motivation To Quit Smoking

Anyone who wants to live happily ever after needs a motivation to quit smoking. Indeed, when smoking, the body receives a lot of harmful substances, some of them are even carcinogenic. It is required to consider what needs to be remembered by all smokers who wish to quit this bad habit.

The Problem of Quitting Cigarettes

The very first problem is a commonplace habit. Smoking quickly turns into a kind of ritual that can be timed to anything, replacing it with all the gaps in activity. For many guys, this is a kind of formula: if I smoke, then it’s cool. To quit smoking requires motivation. This approach acts not only on the mind, but also on the subconscious, helping to effectively fight smoking.

Motivation To Quit Smoking
Motivation to Quit Smoking

However, there are several good reasons for quitting smoking. Those who are tired of this bad habit should think about the following questions:

  • How about deteriorating health? Atrophy of the extremities can be presented by atherosclerosis of the vessels, and in parallel, diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and the respiratory system can develop, and even the skin will change its shade to not at all healthy. Heart attacks, strokes, cancer are the eternal companions of many heavy smokers.
  • How high is a smoker’s self-esteem? Nowadays, smoking in public places is not accepted, not only because secondhand smoke is harmful for those who are nearby, but also for other reasons. For example, because of fashion. Nowadays smoking is not accepted in all circles, and it is no longer considered “cool” either at work, or among athletes, or even next to your girlfriend. Who will enjoy kissing with a cigarette spirit, and not with the lips of a beloved guy?
  • Do you want to throw money away? Excise taxes on cigarettes grow and grow, and even cheap cigarettes may no longer be a cheap pleasure. It is worth thinking about how many useful and pleasant things you could buy by getting rid of the addiction.
  • Does the person love himself? Love is not always a tragedy, as in Mexican TV shows. On the contrary, love should promote a long, happy and carefree life.
  • What does smoking do? Deceptive smoke only increases the stress of the body under the influence of the external environment.

The motivation to quit smoking for women is as hotly discussed as it is for men. After all, the problem of smokers has long been such for all of humanity: cancer, miscarriages, impotence, and also other, not too pleasant things haunt smokers.

But do not be afraid, because fear overshadows the mind. If a person smokes, this is not a sentence. It is better to go to a solution than to run away from a problem. So, you need to define a specific goal and move towards achieving it. What are these goals?

What can Help You to Quit Smoking?

Motivation To Quit Smoking
Motivation to Quit Smoking

A simple installation to quit smoking in a week can help people with a strong will: no sooner said than done. But not all people, even with external self-confidence, are capable of this. First of all, you need to understand that this is normal, because most people are susceptible to certain weaknesses that do not allow them to just take and give up bad habits. You should not reproach yourself for not being able to do this this very minute. Otherwise, the feeling of guilt can only contribute to the opposite result – after all, people who smoke very often acquire this addiction precisely because of their nerves. What secrets can you use in this case? The main thing is to act, and everything will work out.

One way is to create an image of a “different” self – without cigarettes. For men who quit smoking, this can be a problem: for them most of their lives could be associated with cigarettes and images that arise in their minds, be it hard memories of the past or the youth image of a “tough guy”. But there is a way: you need to more often imagine yourself in the image of a healthy , happy, successful person who simply does not need to smoke for happiness. In the car, during a family walk, in a restaurant or at a corporate party, you need to see yourself without a cigarette and understand how much more beautiful it turns out. And also more pleasant for others. The non-smoker is immediately perceived by many to be stronger, more successful, and more trustworthy. But it’s just nice to be like that.

Motivation To Quit Smoking
Motivation to Quit Smoking

Another way is to suppress the emerging internal conflicts, including the fear of falling out or of public opinion. Then you should put your thoughts into a positive mode. For example, about your advantage as a person who will live longer and healthier than the same smokers.

The motivation to not smoke can be the experience of communicating with those who have had a similar problem for a long time. It is recommended to visit an anonymous society against smoking. It is always easier to cope with difficulties together than alone, because the lack of motivation in this case is strengthened by the neighbor. An important role for a man will be the effect of competition – who will quit faster.

Burn all the bridges. This method is for those who, on the whole, are not opposed to facing difficulties, even considers them a necessary circumstance for strengthening the strength of the spirit. You can go on a long hike or even a trip without taking a single cigarette with you. You can’t buy a cigarette from a hemp or a hare, that’s how it will endure. Another way is to tell everyone around you to quit smoking. You can promise a reward to someone who witnesses a violation of the word.

Some More Secrets to Quit Smoking

Motivation To Quit Smoking
Motivation to Quit Smoking

In general, smokers have higher blood pressure than others, and their heart rate and respiration are higher. This “burns” the body faster than it could be. The risk of heart and lung diseases is reduced by 2 times – what is not a wonderful motivation to quit smoking?

Increasingly, people are receiving alarming news that men or women are infertile due to smoking. And if a guy can get away with it more often, then a young woman should think that she is also responsible for the life of the unborn child. A month before conception, women should quit smoking, otherwise the risk of early miscarriage will increase by 500%, and mortality during childbirth – by 30%. In addition, the likelihood of having a child with disabilities is significantly higher. These are just catastrophic indicators. For a woman throwing a bad habit, all methods are suitable that are recommended for men. In addition, if a representative of the fair sex quit smoking, then this is another reason to show off in front of men.

Adults are teachers for children, an example of a mature life. If an adult smokes, the child will not understand why he cannot do the same. On the other hand, if an adult’s “no” does not differ from his own business, then the child will sincerely respect and obey him. By quitting smoking, you can become respected among your loved ones.

Another reason to quit smoking is that heavy smokers have face changes. Some sharp-tongued people might say that it becomes like a zombie face: dry, gray-yellowish, wrinkled skin, and sometimes also spotty, with cyanosis under the eyes. The smoking woman looks tired and sickly. This clearly does not paint a person in the eyes of the opposite sex, and among colleagues, too.

Smokers are badly treated in public places, and in many of them they can be fined a round sum. Smoking is strictly prohibited at train stations and airports, and if someone loves to travel, then this must be taken into account in advance.

Time can be one of the motivations. How much time can a person spend smoking? Up to an hour a day, and even more. But this hour, or even two, can be devoted to family, work, favorite hobby and other pleasant and useful things.

Motivation To Quit Smoking
Motivation to Quit Smoking

Motivation can also be the desire to get rid of a bad habit because it controls a person, prevents him from making independent strong decisions. It stimulates self-respect.

Usually, those who smoke less, drink less. And reducing alcohol dependence helps to get rid of another series of dangerous diseases. There is a double benefit.

One of the most common causes of fires is an abandoned cigarette that has not been extinguished. Some of these situations have claimed the lives of entire families, as well as caused huge forest fires and other disasters. Love your neighbors and nature, quit smoking.

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Those who smoke often do not think about giving up a bad habit as a way to preserve the life and health of not only their own, but also the unborn child or other people, although they can do it. All you need is desire. Various type of motivation to quit smoking are just knowledge. You can nod at him sagely and put it off for later. You can’t do anything with motivations alone, you should apply the necessary actions.

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