No Mood: The Reasons of This Condition and What to Do About It?

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No Mood

Life troubles, problems at work, exacerbation of the situation in relations with loved ones lead to the accumulation of internal negativity and no mood. The person becomes gloomy, gloomy, depressed. Negative emotions snowball and lead to chronic dissatisfaction. Of course, you don’t always need to walk cheerful and smile, there are situations in which you can experience a bashful, melancholy or sad mood, but it should not be the basis of your existence. You need to understand the cause of negative emotions and know what to do if there is no mood at all.

Why is This Happening?

No Mood
No Mood

Depression, melancholy and discouragement always have prerequisites. Sometimes it can be a whole complex of reasons, from internal and psychological, to lack of sleep, sun, vitamins.

Autumn depression is usually scientifically based: a decrease in daylight hours leads to a decrease in the level of vitamin D in the body, which affects the production of serotonin and several other neurotransmitters. The latter create a feeling of cheerfulness, happiness, pleasure, and provide activity. Nutritional supplements will help fill the gap. Pharmaceutical companies have released a number of drugs that can be taken several times a day, without interrupting their main activities and at the same time maintaining the required amount of vitamins and normalizing biochemical processes.

Health problems and hormonal disruptions, changes and other life processes can lead to a change in mood. This is often observed with menopause, pregnancy, thyroid problems.

But the main reason still remains overwork, depletion of the body. Constant work, a busy schedule, a lot of responsibility, troubles, arguments and stress, employment, problems accumulate and sooner or later even a positive person starts to mope. But such depressions are easier to treat – you just need to change the situation by taking a vacation.

Another reason is lack of physical activity. Endorphin, the hormone of joy, will no longer be produced in the right amount if you are sedentary. Just a couple of hours in the gym or at the stadium will help restore not only psycho-emotional, but also physical condition.

Why a Person is Not in The Mood and Wants Nothing: What to Do?

No Mood
No Mood

Begin to act as soon as you caught yourself thinking that every day you wake up in a bad mood. Bring more active movement to life. It doesn’t have to be grueling workouts or complex machines. Clean the house, play active games: tennis, badminton, visit the pool. In doing so, you will have a wonderful opportunity to organize your thoughts and feelings. But lying in front of the TV will not bring the proper result, every day only aggravating your condition.

Treat yourself to your favorite things more often:

  • goodies: order home sushi, pizza, sweet cakes;
  • take time for shopping;
  • a walk with friends;
  • vacation by the sea;
  • drawing;
  • roller skating or skating;
  • Forget about responsibilities for a while and throw off the burden of obligations, live for yourself at least a couple of days.

Arrange relaxation in the form of aromatherapy or a relaxing jacuzzi, delight the ear with pleasant music, receptors – delicious coffee or chocolate, perception – an interesting book. Try to relax under a warm fluffy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate while enjoying the crackling fireplace, or simply dream in silence.


Active physical activity and sports will quickly return a positive charge and vigor. For some distraction, head to the stadium for a run or buy a membership to a nearby gym. If sporting events are not to your liking, cycling, rollerblading, skating, or a simple five-minute stretch at home can help. Very lazy individuals can switch to meditation.

Happy Foods

If you catch yourself thinking: I am constantly in no mood, everything is bad around, you need to look for a way out. Foods that produce endorphins will help you with this. Forget about dieting and healthy eating for a while: buy a chocolate bar, preferably black, coffee cookies, sweet cakes. Banana is famous for its ability to resist bad emotions, which is rich in amino acids and is characterized by the production of an orphan. A cup of green tea will reduce anxiety and help relieve stress.

Musical Pause

The right motive is an effective remedy for depression. Everyone has compositions, listening to which pictures of vivid memories arise in their thoughts. The best for bad mood are the classics by Grieg, Mozart and Beethoven. A cheerful song makes you want to dance, and energetic movement is the best remedy for depression. Eliminate sad songs from your playlist.


Revelations with a psychologist will become the necessary conversation. He will help not only to restore the ability to enjoy life, but also unravel the cause of your ailment. If a good doctor is not around, seek support from close friends and relatives. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to dump on them the mass of negativity that has accumulated inside you and discuss everything intimate. Just go in a company for a picnic, fishing, nightclub or restaurant. An atmosphere of active communication and general fun will help get rid of sad thoughts.

But the company for leisure should be chosen carefully. Try to avoid pessimists who see the glass as half empty, look at the world through black lenses, and always draw depressing conclusions. You will need the advice of cheerful, positive, confident and self-motivated individuals who will infect you with mood and positive energy.


One of the best and most beneficial ways to eliminate sadness is to get into work. Professional tasks, constant achievement, help to forget about depression. There is no time for sad thoughts. However, this method is effective if the source of negativity is not the work itself or the team itself.

Labor is understood not only as going to the office every day. Any activities that are physical in nature will help to distract from worries. This can be spring cleaning, weeding the garden, maintaining the greenhouse, rearranging furniture, and many other things that you have been going to do for a long time.

Self Improvement

Many do not know what to do when there is no mood at all. Try to switch to a non-stressful activity. Each person has a goal, dream, desire, hobby. You just need to deal with their implementation, which means self-improvement. Individuals wishing to master a foreign language can enroll in relevant courses, someone has long wanted to get a driver’s license, take a cooking master class, attend several vocal or drawing lessons. The best way to get rid of negativity is to replace it with new, positive impressions of doing what you love, for which there was always not enough time.

A Change of Scenery

It is good if a person has the opportunity to go on vacation. Nothing inspires more than new cities, unexplored countries, new culture, interesting traditions, famous landmarks. Any unfamiliar but beautiful place guarantees an abundance of fresh impressions that will distract from heavy thoughts.

There is not always the financial opportunity and the availability of vacation days to go to the far abroad. In this case, give preference to a trip to neighboring cities or an outing into nature, to a village, village. Change the environment for just a couple of days and the mood, reinforced by pleasant memories, will return. At the end of the day, go visit the relatives you have been visiting for a long time. In addition to a useful stay away from home, you will also receive a positive boost from communication with your family.

Nature heals the negative best. Residents of big cities so lack the bioenergy contained in the sun, trees, grass. Sometimes it is very important to swim in a clear water body, sunbathe, walk barefoot on soft sand or green grass. In the bosom of nature, the human body is overloaded, inspired and begins to feel the taste of life.


Many cannot understand what happened and why there is no mood for no reason, and they want to return a positive attitude. Sometimes people who are in a lingering depression need to go all out. Risk, adrenaline rush, courageous actions will shake your brain well and make you return to a great mood. You should choose an activity based on your desires, hobbies and preferences. This can be a parachute jump, paragliding, going down a fast mountain river in a boat, rock climbing, or jumping with an elastic band from a high point. Sometimes, just watching a horror movie or visiting an amusement park is enough.

Normalization of Lifestyle

If you feel that you are constantly waking up dissatisfied with life, without a positive attitude, it is advisable to reconsider your lifestyle. Perhaps it’s a matter of banal fatigue or lack of sleep. Those who devote a limited number of hours to rest, work hard, often face emotional instability.

If you notice frequent lack of sleep and attacks of irritability in the morning – give up public transport and cars, walk more, breathe fresh air, go out into nature more often, normalize your sleep routine. Diversify the menu with fresh vegetables and fruits, add more fermented milk food, give up fried, fatty foods, fast food. Aromatherapy with chamomile, mint, rose oil helps with stress.

Light Sedatives

If you constantly want to cry and are not in the mood, you need to deal with the causes of sadness and try to overcome the melancholy state. However, without consulting a doctor, it is strongly discouraged to prescribe yourself and start taking sedatives. The use of medicinal herbs is not prohibited if the body does not have allergic reactions to them. First, you can brew yourself a decoction of lavender or chamomile – they definitely won’t harm.


A good dose of humor can get you out of depression. Moreover, it does not matter at all how it enters your body – through the heard anecdote, humorous show or comedy. The oppressed state will recede at the biochemical level. It is very important not just to sit all day staring at the TV, but to get a dose of positive in the morning or before bedtime, so that these are unbreakable, new jokes for you.

A Good Sleep

Full recovery of all human systems and organs occurs during sleep. If your routine is broken, you do not get enough sleep, and at the same time you get tired at work, it is not surprising that sooner or later this leads to depression and dissatisfaction.

Sleep that started before midnight is considered effective. It is optimal to go to bed at ten in the evening. Since it is in the last few hours of the daily cycle that the maximum amount of substances is released that contribute to the reboot of the body.

Interesting Hobby

One of the main reasons for depression and bad mood is doing the unloved business. Often, work is not enjoyable, employees are annoying, and bosses constantly express dissatisfaction. In this case, it is better to take a few days off and switch to what you love. Walking on a yacht, putting together a puzzle, going to the theater, a few karaoke songs, fishing or hunting will help you to reboot. After rest, you will have the opportunity to return to tasks with renewed vigor, but already looking at them from the other side. Indignation and irritability will disappear, replaced by a good mood.


Lack of certain substances can be one of the main causes of depressed no mood. Vitamin H is responsible for the complete absorption and processing of protein and interacts with the pancreas during metabolism. One of its important functions is also to maintain optimal blood sugar or glucose metabolism. Glucose is a nutrient for human nerve cells and its insufficient content quickly leads to a depression.

To supply the body with vitamin H, you need to purchase nuts, eggs, milk, soy, beef liver at the store. By consuming these foods, you will always be in an elevated position.

No Mood or Depression

No Mood
No Mood

It is important to know the difference between these two conditions in order to understand not only the causes, but also the methods of therapy. Unwillingness to live, apathy, chronic insomnia, fatigue are clear signs of depression. No mood or Bad moods are transient and change over a period of one to two days. If the sadness lasts for weeks or months, it’s definitely depression.

The negative attitude will pass on its own, but the elimination of a depressive state must be approached with all seriousness, as a disease of the nervous system and a mental disorder. You should seek help from a specialist: a psychologist or psychoanalyst. He will not only bring you out of apathy, but also find out the reason for the appearance of negativity. I will help you understand yourself, find the cause of your bad mood and restore your vigor and self-confidence. Sign up for my individual consultation .

I do not recommend taking antidepressants alone. Pills only remove the symptoms of the manifestation of the disease, but do not fight against its causes. This means that stopping them from taking them can provoke a return of depression.

A separate group is distinguished by apathy and loss of interest in life, manifested during festive events: a birthday or New Year. This is most likely due to age crises, overestimation of life and doubts about the correctness of decisions. If these thoughts persist within a few days, contact a specialist.

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No mood condition can be helped by:

  • stay in nature;
  • physical exercise;
  • a change of scenery;
  • self improvement.

Enjoy the singing of birds, sunsets on the seashore, rustling of lush grass, reviewing interesting sights, reading notes and books. Communicate more with positive people. Sometimes get away from the troubles that have piled up and take yourself a day off doing your favorite hobby. Do not run negativity in yourself, do not wait until it absorbs you completely, bringing apathy and longing to life. At the first thought that the depressive state has dragged on – take action.