Non Commitment Relationship: Meaning & Rules of Relationships Without Commitment

Non Commitment Relationship

A no-obligation relationship or non commitment relationship is a variation on modern relationships that involves free relationships and dating for intimacy. This model of interaction is more suitable for people who neglect responsibility. Such persons simply do not want to bear any responsibility for someone else’s existence. Partners meet solely for the pleasure of intimate relationships. They are not united by any joint responsibilities, and the partners can allow each other to have sex with other people or do not burden themselves with household duties. Therefore, there are no mutual claims, jealousy, dissatisfaction with the behavior of the chosen one.

Non Commitment Relationship: What Does It Mean?

Today, the considered variation of human interaction has become quite popular because of its ease. What is a no-obligation or non commitment relationship? They mean meeting for the sake of sexual satisfaction. In this case, you can adhere to loyalty to one partner or change them like gloves. One thing in common is intimacy. “Participants” in this process should not claim free time, joint leisure time outside the bedroom, be jealous and put forward various kinds of claims.

Such a relationship does not imply the creation of a family, although sometimes it can end with a wedding. Indeed, sometimes such interaction is based on mutual sexual desire and friendship. In fact, the family is built on the same foundation.

An undoubted plus, according to some progressive representatives of both sexes, is that a relationship without commitment does not provide for endless network correspondence, cute SMS, long telephone conversations.

Non Commitment Relationship
Non Commitment Relationship

People are not united by a common life, pets, children, interests. You can disappear in silence for several days and, returning, do not expect loud scandals with fear. After all, a relationship without commitment does not imply a feeling of anxiety for a partner, jealousy, discontent. The main thing in them is ease, problem-freeness and, of course, intimacy.

That is why a relationship without commitment is so attractive to the strong half. Often guys are not ready for permanent relationships, they do not want to change their own existence, be responsible, they are afraid. Or maybe they have not outlived their feelings for the former chosen one.

They are satisfied with everything, as it is, but from time to time they want female affection. They want a young lady to share a bed with them from time to time, not burdening with problems, not getting enough requests, not making scandals, not making scenes of jealousy, being in a good mood, seductively attractive.

Relationships without commitment are popular today not only among men, and more and more beautiful ladies are inclined towards this kind of interaction. They strive to get a permanent sexual partner, but at the same time not overgrow with a whole heap of household chores.

A positive moment in free relationships is also the opportunity to be liberated. It’s easier to be frank with an ordinary lover to whom you don’t feel real affection, since there is no fear of ruining the relationship. Therefore, in such a connection, it is easy to share your innermost intimate fantasies or bold desires with a partner in the process.

Intimate being in such an interaction is characterized by saturation. Fatigue from monotony does not threaten them.

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Rules of Non Commitment Relationship

Non Commitment Relationship
Non Commitment Relationship

Casual connections are easy at first. Two partners are absolutely free in the absence of obligations, everyone is free to do what he wants. Sustained freshness provides a vibrant experience. However, there is another less attractive side to such a relationship. And more often the negative side of the relationship turns precisely to the weaker half.

Women tend to feel emotional attachment to those with whom she has had an intimate relationship more than several times.

Many people are interested in the question, what kind of relationship without commitment? It is a sex interaction based on intimacy. There are no rules in them, but there is only personal freedom, lack of responsibility, sexual pleasure, the ability not to be content with one lover, there is no need to plan a joint future.

The disadvantages of relationships without commitments include the emergence of affection, a feeling of tenderness, when it is mutual, then there are no problems, but not always enthusiasm arises in both partners in the relationship.

In order for this not to happen, you must strictly adhere to the following rules:

  • You cannot stay overnight with your lover and he should not be allowed to do so (joint morning awakenings and subsequent breakfasts are already the rudiment of a full-fledged relationship);
  • Lack of control, disapproval, claims, jealousy (this violates the personal zone of the individual and is regarded as a claim of rights);
  • Certain boundaries cannot be crossed, interaction should be based exclusively on intimate attraction and friendship, attention, tenderness, care are superfluous here;
  • The obligatory use of contraception, since the consequences are unexpected and undesirable, an unplanned pregnancy is excluded in such an interaction, and no one needs sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Own feelings should be kept “on a leash”;
  • No need to indulge yourself with false illusions about the transformation of free love into something permanent, this happens, but quite rarely;
  • Respect for the independence of the other, it is freedom that is the fundamental link in the described variation of an intimate relationship, and one should not limit one’s own communication with persons of a different sex;
  • No need to start conversations on everyday topics;
  • It is not a good idea to introduce an intimate partner to relatives or friends;
  • Unpredictability and spontaneity are valuable in such relationships;
  • You shouldn’t devote a lot of time to your boyfriend.

Non commitment relationship, probably only outwardly seem attractive, have their advantages. In fact, they can only bring satisfaction if they strictly follow the above rules, but this is practically impossible. After all, people are not robots, they are living creatures with feelings that are sometimes difficult to control, and often impossible to control.

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How to Translate Them into Serious?

Non Commitment Relationship
Non Commitment Relationship

Following the widespread trend of civil marriages, the popularity of relationships without commitment came. Men enter into such relationships with great pleasure, but with women the story is slightly different. Often, young ladies start a free relationship forcibly, hoping in secret for their transformation into a permanent union.

That is why more often ladies are interested in how to translate a relationship without commitment into a serious one. However, such a question does not always bother them because of feelings for the chosen one, sometimes they are driven only by commercialism or a desire to assert themselves. If the young ladies are controlled by these motives, then it is better to just end the relationship and try to build others with a new gentleman.

If the heart of the ladies is permeated with love, then the recommendations below will help to transfer from a free channel into a stable relationship.

First of all, you should talk openly with your chosen one, talk about your intentions, desires, your own feelings. This will allow us to share responsibility for the future future of the union. It is not worth deciding for a gentleman even if there is confidence that the aspirations coincide. Likewise, you should not build your own behavior based on the belief that a man does not feel anything for a partner.

If this method did not bring the desired result, then the following should be implemented. It consists in understanding the reasons explaining why the chosen one does not want to translate a relationship without obligations into a stable one. To find out the motives of a boyfriend, you do not need to arrange interrogation with addiction. It is enough just to analyze his past words or behavior.

After all, the strong half makes connections without obligations, clearly not because of a wonderful life. Preferring relationships without obligations to serious relationships, a person deliberately condemns himself to a lonely existence. Therefore, any arguments of men in favor of fickle relationships are often irrational, and therefore they can be defeated with logical counter-arguments, transforming his negative contradictory attitudes, positive structured beliefs.

The third method is to transform yourself into a woman-dream for the chosen one. It is quite difficult. It is necessary to maintain acceptance of oneself at the same time as mastering the model of behavior desired by the chosen one. You need to turn into the girl that this man needs.

Non Commitment Relationship
Non Commitment Relationship

Purely meetings without commitments and relationships, based only on physical attraction to a partner, weaken over time. For a stable union, a strong emotional connection is more important.

In this connection, one should learn to appreciate the existing dignity of the guy, and not the possible. Each individual is worthy of unconditional love and total acceptance. Young ladies often make mistakes, appreciating in a partner, first of all, potential qualities, that is, those that she can awaken in him after a while of a love affair.

It is necessary to nurture a sense of emotional security in the chosen one. You should instill in him the understanding that he can openly share his own feelings, aspirations, thoughts, without fear of condemnation.

A cheerful light atmosphere in a relationship is the key to a long and lasting connection. Memories of loved ones are conditioned by shared moments. If you try to spend time together in a fun and varied way, then the partner will associate pleasant sensations with this particular young lady.

The rate at which interaction develops depends on gender. For women, status is more important, so they are in a hurry to jump into the stage of “permanent relationship”, bypassing the first stage of acquaintance – the easiest and most positive. Men are more leisurely and detailed. They first need to decide whether they want to develop relationships, so at the beginning of the interaction, it is important to maintain a playfully positive atmosphere filled with ease.

There is no need to fear being vulnerable, in order for emotional attachment to arise, you need to open up. Opening up, the girl seems to give the chosen one a key to the intimate corners of her own soul, and this is responsibility. After all, earning someone’s undivided trust is significant. By showing her own vulnerability and insecurity, a woman gives her partner a feeling of emotional security.

Non Commitment Relationship
Non Commitment Relationship

Many young ladies forget the masculine essence. Men are, first of all, conquerors, so you should not deliberately deprive them of this opportunity. If suddenly the chosen one has cooled down, you need to devote the free time to your own person, to your hobbies. And panic- down! Otherwise, fear will begin to control the woman, which will inevitably lead to irreparable mistakes. Fearing to lose a lover, girls seek to establish control over the course of events, often going overboard in their actions, changing roles with the chosen ones, becoming a hunter instead of the desired prey. For most men, such a change is unpleasant, which provokes even greater detachment on their part.

It is necessary to give the strong half the opportunity to “run” after the young lady. And girls should create for themselves a being that they like, and then the chosen one will want to become her significant part.

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