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Personal Self Development: The Great Makeover Begins Here…


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I am sure that each of you has heard the expression “personal development” at least once in your life. What does this mean? A good salary, a career, reading books or playing sports? The expert will explain why personal development is directly related to our thoughts.


What is personal development?

Personal development means constantly working on yourself, improving and developing your personal qualities.
personal qualities. In the process of self-development, a person focuses on his or her own desires and goals, and
and constantly acquires new knowledge to achieve them. This process is essential for achieving success in life.

If you are not happy in your life, if you continually fail, if you lack confidence in yourself and your future,then there is only one way out of this situation: self-development.

Self-development is not an easy task. But when a person starts to do it with a great desire, even his most secret dreams come true.

The most secret dreams come true. All it takes is constant work and a passionate desire to change yourself and your life.
yourself and your life. Personal development consists of several elements:

  • increased self-awareness
  • self-management capacity;
  • developing strength and willpower.

All these elements increase the standard of living and contribute to the realization of the individual’s dreams and aspirations.

You can do this on your own: read books, watch movies, get and use information from the Internet. You can also turn to professionals and coaches to take you by the hand and guide you through the process of self-development. The teacher should be chosen carefully: he or she should be the person you want to be with.

Be like him or her. In addition, the person himself or herself must have the benefits he or she wants to receive. If the so-called trainer has only a penny in his pocket, but at the same time teaches you how to get rich, he is unlikely to tell you and give you something useful.

In addition, personal development has a big influence on the choice of profession, to which is added the need for regular professional development. To this is added the need for regular professional development. But professional and business skills, while very important in getting a decent job, are not the only ones.

But if professional and business skills are very important to get a decent job, any recruiter will tell you that the final hiring decision is often made based on a person’s level of competence.

If the person’s level of personal development is the basis, because if they look promising to the organization at that level, then everything else can be taught.

All the material needed for self-development on a single platform

Before starting self-development, you should determine which skills are most important to you:
personality, business, marketing, management. Then you need to select relevant and reliable materials to use for learning.
You can use it for learning. You can find everything you need on the ‘Path That Fits‘ online platform.


Where to start for personal development?

First you have to decide what you want from this life and only then start moving towards your goals. The website
Organizers of personality development marathons and courses recommend starting personal development by studying the subconscious mind theme.

the subconscious theme. A person has many thoughts, memories, traumas in his head that block the path to success. Many people may read books, change jobs, wish to succeed, but they themselves think in a negative way. This also affects the outcome.

  • In general, personal development includes
  • improving knowledge and understanding of oneself (goals, values, principles)
  • improving personal skills and/or learning new skills;
  • self-awareness and appropriate self-esteem;
  • career planning and professional development
  • strategic life planning
  • improve lifestyle and develop useful and progressive habits
  • improving quality of life;
  • effective time management;
  • improve health and work to maintain it;
  • improve social relationships and surround yourself with developing people;
  • physical improvement.

A person who begins to change and changes his life, overestimates everything that happens to him and evaluates the environment. Often, a person who is engaged in self-development breaks up or stops communicating with those who are not engaged in this, that is, he changes his environment. This happens because he moves to a new level, begins to think differently, to look at situations, and, sometimes, he simply does not find anything to talk about with old friends who have remained at the same level. You need to be prepared for this.


Why is self-development necessary?

The path of self-development is very difficult and has no end point. Self-development is necessary to achieve inner understanding, inner peace, a sense of harmony, a sense of happiness. Many people ‘find’ themselves through self-development.

If a person has worked all his life as an oil worker, but in his heart he dreams of becoming an artist, self-development and self-knowledge will help him achieve this goal.

Self-development of a personality gives an advantage over unconscious development, because the path that the Universe has prepared for us is the one we must follow. that the Universe has prepared for us can be traveled more quickly, that is, more consciously.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Question: How do I set goals correctly?

Answer: To achieve a certain goal, a person should always mentally predict the outcome. It will be easier to decide on sub-goals. First of all, one must determine what one wants, and then one must then turn this ‘desire’ into ‘can’, that is, into action. You must ask yourself the following question: “What would I like to do? What would I like to think, feel and achieve when I am 70 years old? Will I be proud of myself when I look back?”.

Many people have no idea how to move forward, they don’t even know what they want out of life. As a result, they live aimlessly, going with the flow. The expert also advises formulating wishes as if they have already come true. It’s not “I want a big country house,” but rather “I live in a country house.” It is not “I want a big house in the country”, but rather “I live in a big house”. Then you can paint point by point what you need to do to achieve the goal.

Question: What are the most important books to read for personal development?

Answer: I started with the Vadim Reality Transfer books. It starts with self-love.

I highly recommend Louise Hay‘s work. Robin Sharma has some very motivational literature, such as The Monk.


Question: Should I consult a psychologist before starting the process of self-knowledge/self-development?

Answer: Everyone has his own path, his own wounds. If there is something that prevents you from moving forward, it is essential to consult a psychologist. It is essential. This is necessary in order not to run out of energy in the wrong place.

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