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Personality and Society: Role of Society in Personality Development


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Today we are going to discuss the role of society in personality development. Society plays an important role in personality development. Initially, the development of a personality is reduced to its infusion into a society, adaptation and development in it. This is a generalized look at the whole process of personality formation.

There is such a concept as the phases of personality development, which consist of stages of personality development, a relatively stable society. Simply put, when a person is in a stable social environment, it gradually develops, and this development is completely dependent on the society surrounding the person.

First Phase of Personality Development in Society

The first phase is the phase of personality formation, when a person learns all the norms of morality and ethics in society, develops the appropriate skills and abilities. Any form of personality activity adapts directly to the social environment in which it is located, which is logical.

Despite the fact that each person can come to a social group with his own individual characteristics, a person can show his individuality only when he masters all social norms, moral qualities, masters all thosemethods of behavior and communication that other members of society possess.

This is the most effective option to declare yourself as a person, because the option with the black sheep, as a rule, is perceived by society with hostility. You have your own self, you have your own characteristics and your own ideas, but they need to be introduced into society carefully and gradually.



Second Phase of Personality Development in Society

The second phase of development – includes the process of contradiction between a person who has already adapted in society and his individuality, or rather the impossibility of expressing it. The subject, who has become similar to others, tries to emphasize his individuality and declare his persona as a person different from the rest.

All people go through this stage, no one wants to be someone’s shadow, and even though fear sometimes forces them to merge with the rest of the gray mass, the need for recognition of one’s individuality is colossal.

A person is looking for ways of self-expression, these ways do not always fit into the norms of social behavior, but this only speaks of despair on the part of this person, who cannot find another way to attract special attention to himself.

It seems that a person is the same as everyone else, and it suits him, at least from the point of view of society’s satisfaction with this person. But on the other hand, everyone wants to be perceived differently from others, and preferably from a positive point of view.

This process of contradiction between the individual and the perception of him by society can continue for a very long time, suppressing this very personality. Often this continues throughout life, especially if a person does not find a couple for himself who would admire his chosen one or chosen one as a special person.


Third Phase of Personality Development in Society

The third phase of personality development, which is a continuation of the second, is when the search for these very possibilities of self-expression is assessed by society from the point of view of the need for such individual personality traits.

If a society does not perceive the individual characteristics of a person, in the line of their uselessness for itself, then you can literally impose yourself on this society, yourself and your ideas. But only people who are very strong from a moral point of view can do this.

The need of society for a specific person is not always the rule, and an example of this is leaders who lead the rest, thereby not only emphasizing their individuality and peculiarity, but also introducing it into society from a position that is advantageous for themselves.

Of course, not every person can be formed in this way in order to express their peculiarity so vividly. But despite this, in any competent team, there is definitely something that expresses someone’s individuality and its recognition from others.

Think of the board of honor, which makes no sense, except that it expresses the individuality of a particular personality, and its recognition from other people. So this is a very important moment in the life of every person as an individual, and sometimes you can play well on this, and for sure those who met girls and emphasized their peculiarity, understand how strong this thing, individuality and personality trait is.

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