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Positive Thinking Techniques: Learn to Think Positively


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There is a category of people who successfully deal with negative thoughts. These personalities always attract those around them, charge them with their strong energy, give confidence. From the outside it seems that life is easy for them.

In fact, the ability to share sincere joy is a huge work. Therefore, in this article we will get acquainted with the basics of the theory and examples of what positive thinking means, positive thinking techniques, how to learn to see good in everything, how to develop inner harmony, etc…


Positive Thinking Techniques: How and Why?

The challenge is to develop a thought process that is based on the perception of the environment in the most successful perspective. The mood for the best gives a person the opportunity to boldly experiment, learn new things, and be open to self-development. When solving problems, optimists always focus on the pros of what is happening, and therefore in difficult times they become winners. This attitude towards life allows them to remain a winner even in desperate situations. It is these people who make humanity move forward.

Specific Traits

Having positivity and positive thoughts about life doesn’t always mean denying bad luck, negative happenings, or worries. This is a valuable experience, thanks to which it is possible to avoid the same mistakes in the future. Thinking positively allows you to view problems from the perspective of opportunities rather than obstacles.

When a pessimist has trouble, he gives up, takes the current situation for granted – “I’m always like this,” “I’m an unlucky person,” etc. An optimist, of course, will also worry at the moment of the onset of difficulties, but rather quickly come to yourself, come to terms with what happened and continue to move on. He perfectly understands that success cannot be achieved without overcoming difficulties. Such people are usually inherent in: friendliness, curiosity, inability to be offended for a long time, good mood.

Peace of mind is based on the understanding that things may not be very good today, but tomorrow they will definitely get better. Constantly waiting for the next disaster is very harmful to health. How to learn to enjoy life, see the positive and be a positive person? It means realizing that you cannot shoulder an excessive burden of responsibility. It is important to be able to let go of the situation when it is beyond your control.


Positive Thinking is Vital

We are all familiar with the stable statements: “Thoughts are material,” “Bad thoughts attract the same events,” etc. It’s simple. The inner content and the outer world are closely interconnected.

Why negative incidents attract negative thoughts? Because, plunging headlong into piled up problems, we no longer notice anything good around us. Life develops according to the scenario drawn by the subconscious. From the point of view of psychology, mental activity works like a sieve. She keeps what is closer to her. A large amount of negativity leads to the inability of a person to find ways of salvation from existing situations, to effectively interact with the environment and to resist diseases.

By learning positive thinking techniques and answering to yourself how to learn to think positively, attract positive things and achieve peace of mind and success, you will be able to radically change your life attitudes. Those who tend to think in a good way are less likely to get sick, more often achieve their goals and become successful. They do an excellent job of coping with the effects of stress, they are less likely to experience unpleasant events.


How to Develop the Ability to Think Positively?

Before you start changing the direction of thinking, you need to figure out which type (by psychological
parameters) you correspond to.

Introvert. This is an introverted person who has an even emotional background without sudden changes. He avoids noisy companies, finds satisfaction in solitude. A positive attitude is almost an unattainable goal for him.

Extrovert. The exact opposite of the previous category. Has an open character, appreciates communication with others, is inclined to consider emerging difficulties as a way of self-development. He knows how to always be more positive , infects everyone around with his love of life.


Characteristic Differences Between Extroverts

The power of optimism is fully revealed in a number of their inherent traits:

  • desire to gain knowledge, discover new unknown.
  • striving to improve your life.
  • drawing up plans for further actions.
  • the ability to work actively to achieve the desired.
  • consideration and analysis of knowledge and experience of successful individuals.
  • calm perception of their own victories.
  • lack of dependence on the material.
  • reasonable emotionality.

According to the unspoken rules, the extrovert is usually identified with the positive, and the introvert with the negative. But it should be remembered that this is a figurative classification. It is impossible to say unequivocally that some type of character has only negative traits, or vice versa.


5 Effective Positive Thinking Techniques

The habit of thinking in a positive way can be developed by employing some proven methods.

1. Liquidation

The exercise is suitable for early morning hours. The execution time should not be less than 24 minutes. The following is to be done:

  • sit down and get into a comfortable position.
  • in thoughts, consider in detail the obstacle that has arisen.
  • imagine that this problem has crumbled to dust or burned out.
  • give free rein to the negative, do not stop thinking that not a trace will remain of it as soon as it spills out.

After completing the practice, remain calm for a while. Gradually, such training should be made longer. So you can force yourself to always stay positive .

2. Pros Instead of Cons

Before attempting the exercise, you need to find out the causes of the problem. You also need to pay attention to how others react to it. Whether it is considered insurmountable or whether it is successfully resolved. After obtaining reliable results, you can safely proceed to the execution:

  • make yourself comfortable, imagine a burning fire and a fragrance spreading from it.
  • think that, getting into the fire, the causes of the difficulties that have arisen melt like wax.
  • and everything negative instantly turns into good and light.

the situation is changing, and now, instead of bright orange flashes, blue flames appear, new fire streams along the spine, warms the body, penetrating into the heart and mind.

A good mood after such a training is ensured almost immediately. You will be surprised how easy it is after it to deal with the next problems and understand how to tune yourself only to positive and positive thoughts every day.

3. Luck is for Braves

This practice can be helpful in helping family and friends. The first step is to ask yourself: are you really going to direct your gracious reflections on them. If you sincerely want to help, proceed with the implementation:

  • direct your favorable energy to someone who needs support.
  • imagine how difficulties disappear under the influence of thoughts.

direct a mentally white ray of energy (it is he who attracts good luck and gives confidence) directly to the heart of that person.

At the end of the exercise, clap your hands seven times. The best day to come to an understanding of how to get positive and switch to positive thoughts in this way is Sunday.

4. Power of Thought

What we constantly think about will surely happen someday. Therefore, it is necessary to develop only positive thinking. The following list of actions will be useful in this:

  • keep in your head and pronounce only words-statements and expressions, forget about “not”.
  • believe in success, an optimistic attitude will help you achieve incredible results.
  • boldly walk towards change.
  • wake up every morning with a constant smile.

Even ancient Tibetan monks devoted their lives to the acquisition of spiritual knowledge and the development of the direction of the mind. They knew very well how powerful the mental flow of energy was.

And now exercises that develop brain activity in a positive direction are actively used in practice. With their help, you can understand how to change your negative thinking to positive and force yourself to think only about the good, think positively .

Training for Positive Attitude Development

“Emotionality”. Stand in front of the mirror and carefully, as if for the first time, study your face. Now portray different emotions and accompany the actions with appropriate phrases and apt remarks. Listen for changes in your voice. Feel the inner sensations.

“Change of emotions”. Awaken negativity and unpleasant feelings. Slowly move from negative to positive feelings, focus on your feelings again.

“Change of the expected”. First, imagine a situation where your position is far from winning. Then sweep the imaginary picture for another, where you are the absolute winner. This technique will help you learn how to quickly switch to positive life .

“Acquaintance with the hand.” Training the ability to observe your own feelings. Focus on your left palm. Feel skin temperature, moisture (dryness), shivering, goose bumps. Repeat with the right palm.

“The taste of food.” The purpose of this exercise is not only to learn how to eat correctly, but also to experience genuine satisfaction from whatever activity you have to do. Don’t just mechanically swallow food, but enjoy amazing taste characteristics. It is necessary to concentrate, thoroughly chew the dish, try to feel each of its ingredients separately. Let for a while, but become a real gourmet.

“Unlimited Fantasies”. This practice liberates the mind. Let’s say you want to buy a car. Put one hand in your pocket and pretend you fumbled for your car keys. Concentrate and feel the fictional coolness of the metal, the heaviness, hear a subtle sound. Remember well everything that appeared before your inner gaze.

“Relaxation”. It will help you to relax and understand how to positively look at life and the world every day. Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes. Now, quickly, quickly clench and unclench your fists. Then raise your arms parallel to the floor without stopping the movement. When it becomes obvious that you are tired, lower your palms and relax. Remember this state.

“Realizing your own advantages.” Reflecting on achievements makes us more confident in our abilities.

Unfortunately, we often forget about what we once managed to achieve. Therefore, you should tirelessly keep repeating this to yourself. Arm yourself with a piece of paper and a marker. Divide it into three equal columns. Sign them: “virtues”, “strengths”, “achievements”. Now fill in the boxes and try to remember everything you wrote. Do not forget to re-read regularly, see what a fine fellow you are, you can do anything.

“Faith in the future”. Here you will need to repeat everything described in the previous task with the only difference. In the columns, list the quality characteristics you want to develop.

“Financial achievements”. Imagine that you are a financially independent, self-sufficient person. Think about how much you can afford with decent capital. At the same time, try not to go beyond real life, to imagine yourself as Bill Gates is a clear overkill.

“Advice of wise people”. If you have to make a very important decision, think that there are those next to you, on whose experience you are ready to rely. “Talk” to them. Ask them your pressing questions and yourself give answers on their behalf. Then you will be able to figure out how to start thinking and thinking positively if everything is bad.


Negative Thinking

It is based on a person’s personal qualities, experience and environment. Characterizes an insufficient level of brain activity capabilities.

As they get older, people with this attitude accumulate more and more negativity. They tend to deny
everything that they consider unacceptable to themselves. In thinking about difficult life situations, they invariably try to find a way that will help avoid them in the future. This is a big mistake. Such thoughts do not allow you to see anything but negative aspects.

After a certain time, the pessimist begins to perceive life as faded and colorless.


Characteristics of A Negative Thinking Person

He is constantly looking for the reasons for his own failures in other people. He tries with all his might to make them guilty, and does not even think about changing the situation. The main properties of a person who cannot figure out how to change consciousness, learn every day, always live in the positive and forget about the negative, think only about the good, are:

  • lack of desire to make a difference in life.
  • constant search for cons in any situation.
  • unwillingness to learn, to comprehend something new.
  • unreasonable longing for the past;
  • expectation of changes for the worse, preparation for them.
  • passivity along with the desire to get benefits.
  • bad attitude towards others.
  • stinginess in all areas.

A person living on negative emotions is not able to formulate their goals normally. He tries to make life
easier, but has no idea how to do it. Positive Thinking Techniques: How to Move From Negative to Positive?

Unfortunately, the fulfillment of absolutely all our desires is beyond reality. For example, we do not have access to the choice of parents, a change in biological age, a return to the past. Based on the tendencies of an optimistic attitude, you need to calmly accept these facts.

There is no point in tormenting and worrying about what there is no way to influence. Ditch the pipe dreams, just love yourself. Do not judge other people and do what you love and learn to see the good in everything.

Positive thoughts for every day:

First of all, remember three important words forever.

  • “I can”.
  • “Will”.
  • “Worthy.”

For example, not “I’m somehow sad today”, but “Yes, now I don’t feel very well, but I can overcome it”.

List of additional positive installations:
  • “Nothing will spoil my mood.”
  • “I admire myself.”
  • “Whatever happens is for the best.”
  • “I am responsible for my actions.”
  • “I can forgive offenders.”
  • “I am loved, I am appreciated.”
  • “Thoughts shape my life.”
  • “I’m happy here and now.”
  • “I managed to understand my psychology and how to change my thoughts to positive, to find a positive in life .”
  • “A new day is an opportunity to get better.”
  • “I appreciate simple pleasures.”
  • “There is nothing that I can’t handle.”
  • “My choice is a wonderful eventful life.”



You can listen to a lot of advice, learn the basics positive thinking techniques, like a person always, be positive all the time, but nothing in your life will change until you start putting knowledge into practice. If you want to be happy, enjoy every new day and charge people around with positive energy – go for it! Open up to change, learn to think in the right direction and represent only the good.


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