How Important It Is to Relax on Vacation?

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Relax On Vacation

In December I am going to UK and, of course, to Ireland. Sometimes I mention this on social networks and immediately receive questions about where the master class will be, whether there will be a meeting, and how to arrange a consultation, etc.

Recently I listened to a webinar on the topic “How to keep up with everything slowly?”, And one of the speakers, a mother and a businesswoman, shared her rules. It was like this: we do all the things that can be done right away, and we combine work with rest, then we don’t get tired. At that moment, everything in me shrank – I lived by these rules for too long, and look where it took me.

All my experience doesn’t just speak, shout: multitasking is one of the most dangerous concepts of our time. The idea of ​​combining several tasks and doing them almost simultaneously sounds extremely tempting, and in recent years it has not been praised only by the lazy, and the ability for this very multitasking is indicated as one of the main advantages of a potential employee when writing a resume. Recent studies (you will forgive me the lack of links, I am not Wikipedia after all) confirm that simultaneous execution of tasks is impossible, this is not in the nature of our brain. What we actually do is we switch between tasks very quickly. Guess what the result is for each task and for our brain. Admit it, you are now listening to music, YouTube is mumbling in the next window, a baby is sitting on your lap or a cat, and you still look to see if your phone is highlighted with a new notification.

Absent-mindedness, poor memory, inability to concentrate, boredom from having to concentrate on one thing, even if it’s a good movie or an interesting book – is that familiar? We can thank the modern world for this, which obliges us to grab the ringing phone, answer the letter as soon as we see the notification, and also stir the soup while reading the textbook and drinking Instagram selfies with the third hand.

What kind of awareness and joy of being can we talk about in such circumstances? But most of us need to completely exterminate ourselves in order to finally understand that one thing per unit of time is enough. It is so simple and at the same time infinitely difficult to be in what you do and become what you do. Even if it’s lying on the couch. Totality. The paradox is that people who know this state will appear to you as models of productivity. They know the secret of concentrating on everything, including business.

Multitasking and procrastination are somewhere very close, I think. At some point, switching between tasks, you find yourself on some joke site, moving from link to link, or sitting with his pants down on the bed and poking into a candy crush for 15 minutes. Well, how many of you are now looking around nervously for a hidden camera? We are all like that, so I know what we did last summer. We are victims of our time or our personal greed. Desire to be in time for everything and unwillingness to figure out what we really want to be in time. And that is why it is so important to consciously pull yourself together and learn to do only one thing.

So, I started this post with a vacation. In which I only want to do one thing: to be on vacation. Here is such a strange, almost incomprehensible fool. And if you are in Wales, Scotland or London, if you and I have already talked or thought about “drinking coffee” (my friends, no offense, but my sociopathic soul now she is not very open to very, very new people with whom we are not mutually familiar, even if only on the web), and also if you want to talk about an “interview” or “take a picture” (I consider this as part of the rest practically) – welcome! And for work, meetings, master classes and consultations, I hope there will be some other moment and different energy, and it will be much more pleasant and productive for each of us.

And, of course, I wish all of you a real, good rest this winter and in general. Everyone’s life is different, but everyone has one, and it’s sad when the most affordable option for “rest” is cleaning the toilet while listening to a webinar or dull flipping through Instagram from impotence and impossibility to do something that you really want to do.

I already wrote once – try not to drag your work into travel, be in what you do, do not steal from yourself. Look for opportunities and find resources in yourself (and this is not at all as easy as it seems!) To be alone with one thing and surrender to it completely. And watch it fill you with joy.