Rules for Success: The Rules for the Success of Famous People

Rules For Success

The rules for success are principles that must be followed on the way to achieving a goal. Analyzing the opinions of people who, in fact, are already successful, you can make a lot of useful conclusions about the priorities and way of thinking that contribute to the formation of an effective personality.

This article contains a selection of 10 rules of success for 5 famous personalities. Once you’re done, open a word processor or grab a piece of paper, then make your own list of 10 rules for success. Let these become your personal performance guidelines. Put the list on your wall and then apply, try, adjust, change, supplement.

Jack Ma’s Rules for Success

Jack Ma

• Get used to rejection
• Hold on to your dream
• Think about the corporate culture
• Ignore the opinion of spiteful critics
• Seek inspiration
• Focus
• Come up with a good name
• Customers come first
• Don’t complain but look for opportunities
• Be dedicated to your cause

Will Smith’s Rules for Success

Will Smith

• Focus
• Work on yourself
• Don’t chase money
• Be comfortable in any situation
• Know how to laugh at anything
• You can do everything
• Add value
• Live without fear
• Express positive energy
• Have fun

Steve Jobs Success Rules

Steve Jobs

• Go beyond the ordinary
• Love what you do
• Work for yourself
• Don’t sell slag
• Pick a great team
• Don’t work for money
• Be proud of what you create
• Focus on the buyer
• Build your marketing around values
• Stay hungry. Stay reckless

Warren Buffett’s Success Rules

Warren Buffett

• Don’t dwell on mistakes
• Don’t sleep your life
• Draw what you want
• Think with your head
• Don’t get in your way
• Surround yourself with awesome people
• Define the circle of your competence
• Write your story competently
• Find the best in people
• Have some fun

Master Yoda’s Success Rules

Master Yoda

• Fear is the key to suffering
• Don’t try – day dreaming
• Appreciate the opinions of others
• Believe
• Let go of your fears
• Don’t make assumptions
• Be patient
• Make tough decisions
• Live in peace with yourself
• Fight evil