Self Development and Self Improvement: The Path to Personal Freedom

Self Development And Self Improvement

Self Development and Self Improvement are gaining popularity in every country. A person who knows how to adequately assess his abilities gains confidence in himself and in the future. A person who works on himself is always open to acquiring new knowledge and impressions.

He is optimistic about the future because he knows how to shape it. How to achieve this state, what to do and where to start? Let’s consider these issues in the article.

I began my path to perfection with yoga, and my friend seriously immersed herself in meditation practices. A year has passed, and I see how she has changed: she became calmer, more self-confident, slimmer and much more pleasant in communication. Perhaps, positive changes have also occurred in me, someone from the outside will definitely notice this.


Self Development Psychology

What is self development for, and why do modern people increasingly think about it? Self-development is necessary for self-actualization, for the fulfillment of one’s vocation. That is, in order to realize your creative potential, you first need to reveal it. This is what self development and self improvement are doing as a stimulus for self-realization.

Why reveal what is given by nature? Not all people can realize what was given to them from birth. And many factors contribute to this:

  • wrong upbringing;
  • the presence of psychological complexes;
  • lack of faith in yourself and your strength;
  • negative influence of others, relatives.

Unrealized opportunities weigh heavily on the shoulders and haunt them. Sometimes a person cannot self-actualize due to the psychological pressure of relatives or closest circle. In this case, he just needs to change his place of residence and social circle in order to achieve something in life.

Some people spend years “pulling the strap” at their unloved job because it brings in money for living. Years go by, but there is no self-realization. As a result, a person may fall into depression and not get out of it.

Self Development And Self Improvement
Self Development and Self Improvement

Self-Realization is the path to a whole personality. This is the desire of a person to be who he wants. This is life in harmony with oneself, the realization of natural potential. This is an opportunity to go your own way, and not go with the flow of life.

The incentive for self development is the desire to:

  • self-determination;
  • self-affirmation;
  • cognition;
  • security;
  • self-expression.

The human personality needs freedom of expression of his individuality, self-expression. This can be realized through art, literary creation, volunteer movement, etc. A person needs to evolve, improve himself and create. Without satisfying these basic needs of the soul, he begins to degrade.

Self development helps:

  • maintain your evolutionary growth and development at the proper level;
  • become competitive in society, socially significant and in demand;
  • maintain a high level of self-esteem;
  • self-actualize in life.

 However, self-development should not be confused with cultural and aesthetic forms. These are two different things. It can be related to spirituality, but it can manifest in any form. Self-development gives us the opportunity to keep pace with the times, to accept any changes in the surrounding reality and innovations.

Giving up on self development is just being.

Self Development Components

Modern psychology divides self-development into several components:

  • physical;
  • physiological;
  • mental;
  • social;
  • spiritual;
  • intellectual;
  • professional.

Physical development involves training muscles, endurance and strength. Physiological development is a healthy lifestyle, strengthening the body’s immune status, and improving well-being.

Self Development And Self Improvement
Self Development and Self Improvement

Mental development is training your abilities, working with memory and thinking. Spiritual development is the search for the meaning of life and everything connected with this concept. intellectual development is the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

Social development is a transition to a higher level of the social stratum, career advancement, the conquest of new social peaks, and an increase in one’s authority.

Professional development is getting additional education, mastering new professional skills.

On a subconscious level, a person chooses exactly that direction of personality self-development, which evokes a response in his inner world.

Stages of Self Development

There is no generalized method of personal growth and self-development, since each person develops individually. Psychology can only indicate the general direction in which a person can move:

  • awareness of the need for internal changes;
  • identify your shortcomings that need to be changed;
  • set a goal for yourself to move towards;
  • determine the way to achieve the desired result;
  • progress along the chosen path.

Let’s consider these stages in detail.

Awareness of The Need for Change

Awareness of the need for internal changes is necessary in order to start moving in this direction. If a person does not understand that he needs self-development, he will not strive for it. At this stage, a critical attitude towards yourself is important:

  • feeling of marking time, lack of development up to degradation;
  • unexplained inner feeling of anxiety;
  • constant postponement of important matters for later;
  • the emergence of bad habits.

A person begins to feel that he is not doing his business. This leads to routine and boredom, a sense of meaninglessness and emptiness. Life passes by, a person is simply stuck in one place. Or the state of emptiness may be accompanied by the absence of any goal and desire to strive forward to new horizons.

The taste for life disappears. This is a serious signal that something needs to be changed urgently.

Further, an inexplicable feeling of anxiety may appear inside, without any reason. Anxiety can become permanent and turn into depression. If the depression lasts more than two days, you need to urgently contact a specialist for help. To prevent it from reaching the psychiatrist, you need to contact a psychologist in time.

The emergence of bad habits is an attempt to fill the inner emptiness with at least something or simply to forget. This can be addiction to tobacco or alcohol, “hanging” in social networks or games. This is the last signal that something urgently needs to be changed in life.

Finding Flaws

To move on the path of self-development and self-improvement, you need to understand what shortcomings should be eliminated or turned into advantages. Disadvantages become an obstacle to personal development, causes of loss and failure.

They do not allow you to fully reveal your inner potential and become the cause of dissatisfaction with life and yourself. The most important thing at this stage is to determine the direction in which you need to move.

If inner support becomes necessary, you can turn to religion, psychology or esotericism for help. Studying these areas will help you gain the inner confidence and strength to overcome the most difficult obstacles.

Goal Setting

This is a definition of what the future should be, where and what ultimately a person should come to. This stage for many becomes just a stumbling block, because very few people know what he specifically wants. It is easier for people to realize what they do not want than to set a clear goal and determine the direction of movement.

Self Development And Self Improvement
Self Development and Self Improvement

The absence of a goal ends with complaints about life, the search for those responsible for their failures, the victim syndrome. With such a psychological mood, there can be no talk of self-improvement and development.

You need to clearly know what you want from life. To determine this, you need to write down everything that does not suit you on one sheet. On another sheet, you need to clearly outline the picture of the future, what you need to strive for.

Determine the Way to Achieve the Result

This can be an independent study of literature on self-development, or enrollment in trainings, or the purchase of audio programs with recording of trainings. For development to proceed quickly and efficiently, you need to revise your social circle.

Some people can not only lead you astray, but also drag you down with them. Therefore, you will have to approach this issue very seriously and make a choice between friendship with a person and self-development. It is not necessary to abruptly interrupt communication: you can simply gradually wean the person from contact with you.

Whom to choose as a friend? These should be people who have succeeded on the path of self-development and achieved certain results. Here you need to reach out to them, communicate with them. You can find new friends on thematic forums or social networks.

Progress Along the Way

The result will not be achieved if you simply limit yourself to reading literature. You need to act and put into practice what you learned about from thematic courses and literature. For the result to appear, you will need to work hard.

If you have chosen physiological development, you need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle (healthy lifestyle), deny yourself in many ways and live according to a new daily routine. Therefore, be ready to take action, otherwise the dream to change will remain a dream. Remember that self-improvement is an ongoing process, with no days off or vacations.

What Can Hinder Self Development and Self Improvement?

As soon as a person decides to change something in himself or change his life, all kinds of obstacles and obstacles immediately appear. Who hasn’t had a chance to start a new life on Monday? Many never started it.

Major hindrances:

  • freezing in social networks, empty time on the Internet;
  • the inability to overcome laziness, which turns out to be much stronger than a firm will;
  • chronic stressful situations that take energy and time;
  • negative experience in the past, memory of failures and mistakes;
  • desire for total control over your life.

Remember that you have set a goal to become better, so it is unwise to stray from the path due to interference. Tune in to a positive mood and realize that now your whole life will be subordinated to your goal – self-development and self-improvement.