Self Development Goals: The Main Tasks of Personality Self Development

Self Development Goals

Each deliberate action must have a specific goal in order for it to bring real and tangible benefits. There are specifics in the present self-development, and it is in this article that you will learn about the most important self development goals.

Self-development itself is a conscious and purposeful process of human development in all spheres of life. Real self-development should benefit both the soul and consciousness, and the body, and those around, and the Universe as a whole.

Why Engage in Self Development?

There are many reasons to start self-development, but they all boil down to the following:

  • The progress of a person and his soul-essence;
  • Getting rid of suffering and finding happiness.

That’s all. Other explanations ultimately boil down to these two reasons.

I will give advice from personal experience. Do not wait until life puts you in a situation in which you will be forced to begin to develop very actively in order to change something. This is usually quite painful and unpleasant.

It is best to begin to engage in real self-development voluntarily, even if everything in life is now good, comfortable, etc. There are no boundaries for perfection. Don’t fall into the trap of your comfort zone, or sooner or later the lafa will end.

The Most Important Tasks of Self Development

It is worth highlighting the following main goals of self-development:

  • Essence (soul) evolution;
  • Become a harmonious person;
  • Achieve health, success and happiness;
  • Become a highly developed person.

These goals can be divided into many sub-goals, but I will not do that today. See below for more details on each goal.

Evolutionary Development of The Soul (Entity)

In my opinion, this is the most important task of self-development. You should also pay increased attention to this, provided that you accept that a person is not only a bag of bones and nerve impulses, but also a more “subtle substance”, which is called an essence or, as they say today, a soul.

In real self-development, a person should strive to develop his essence to the maximum during his current life. In other words, it is necessary to reach the maximum level of the evolutionary development of the soul, which you can claim in this life.

This is done, first of all, by improving the qualities of character, developing the capabilities of the mind (brain), constantly gaining a large amount of knowledge, etc.

All the necessary actions for the maximum development of the essence-soul and the full development of a person are described in this video training on self-development.

Source: TEDx

Harmonious Life

What does a harmonious life look like? This is when a person lives in harmony with himself and with the world around him. And it’s not as easy as it sounds.

In order to live in harmony with yourself, you should know your original nature (the nature of the essence), as well as study your strengths and weaknesses, talents and inclinations, and learn to live in accordance with this.

Next, you need to harmonize life with the rest of the world, understanding the laws of nature, the characteristics of other people and different living beings, the nuances of the situation in the modern world and much more.

The simplest guideline is how a person feels every day: is he happy, is he able to control himself, his emotions, feelings and desires, does he have a real desire to live, or in the morning he wakes up and acts out of habit of inertia.

And also, a harmonious life is a life in which attention is paid to all spheres and aspects of life, they fully develop and strengthen if necessary.

Health, Success, Happiness

Self Development Goals
Self Development Goals

It is foolish to engage in any self-development if it does not bring good health, success in activities, happiness in relationships and life in general, a comfortable and prosperous life. Any of us needs this.

Therefore, the goals of self-development include improving health (nutrition, daily routine, physical activity, rest, etc.), developing and achieving success in activities (in a career), earning money, harmonizing and achieving happiness in relationships with loved ones and others, self-realization and their talents.

That is, we again return to the fact that in real self-development attention is paid to all spheres of life, as well as to the people around, living beings and the world in general. And even if a person often starts with himself and his family and environment, but it is impossible to stop there. A really high level of development implies a lot of selflessness and activities for the benefit of society, the world, the Universe.

Highly Developed Personality

Self Development Goals
Self Development Goals

So, we smoothly came to the conclusion that, ideally, a person should strive to become a highly developed person, a person with a capital letter.

What are the signs of such a person?

  • Justice. Such a person will not ignore injustice.
  • Decency. Developed people are kind to others, respect them and do not commit all kinds of abominations.
  • Courage and courage. A highly developed person is not a coward and a slave (of God or someone else’s), he decisively fights with creatures that cause suffering to other people.
  • Such a person takes responsibility not only for himself and his family, but also for society, country, planet. A highly developed person is an expensive title that very few people today hold.

Everyone can become a highly developed person, but this requires a lot of effort and time. And it’s worth it. Now let’s make a small conclusion.

Self Development Goals: Summary

So, you have learned that real self-development, like any other worthy deed, has specific goals. Most often, at the beginning of self-development, people pursue fairly mundane goals:

  • Improve health and increase energy;
  • Improve relationships, make them more harmonious and happier;
  • Start making more money;
  • Begin to engage in activities that are consistent with human nature and his inclinations;
  • Go through a life crisis and return to a normal, fulfilling life;
  • And similar goals.

But this should not be limited and it is better to strive for a harmonious and conscious life, in which attention is paid to all areas and areas. The most important goal of self-development is the evolutionary development of the human essence, and as much as possible and effective.

Perfectly complements the main task of self-development, the desire to become as highly developed as possible a person who fully and completely corresponds to this honorary title – a reasonable person.

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