Self Improvement: The Path to Finding Freedom

Self Improvement Techniques

Self Improvement and self knowledge are similar in their goals. They guide a person along the path of spiritual development. When we want to change, improve the quality of our life, diversify the daily sequence of events, increase our professional and personal effectiveness, we think about how to change ourselves and our environment. How to use our best qualities with the greatest benefit and at the same time neutralize the weaknesses of nature or correct them, work to ensure that they do not imbalance the uniform course of life.

How to maximize your strengths and improve those less developed is one of the main questions, with the solution of which you can turn your life for the better. But in order to answer it, you need to plunge into yourself. First you need:

  • understand yourself;
  • identify the strongest and weakest sides of nature;
  • analyze professional qualities;
  • form a detailed plan to work out the skills or personal characteristics that need improvement;
  • start implementing the plan.

Everything is pretty clear and understandable. The main thing is to take the first step on the path of self-improvement, and it must be taken today.

Personal And Professional Growth

First of all, we will choose what kind of self-improvement we are interested in – professional or personal. As for professional skills, their correction and development is much easier to carry out, and here’s why. They are more concrete and visible, while personal qualities are so deeply rooted in your very nature that it can be difficult to identify their origins (and work on correction and improvement begins with identifying the root of the problem).

Many personal qualities are fixed by habit, since it is from it that character is formed, so the work is not easy not only in terms of time expenditures (here you need to be patient), how much energy-consuming: you will need to collect all your spiritual energy, desire and will to achieve set goal and be able to change yourself.

Attempts to change yourself with the help of programs for self-development and self-realization
It is easier to try to change the situation than to try to change yourself. Working on yourself is both interesting and difficult. This is the challenge for you. You are that observer, or researcher, who looks from the outside at the researcher himself and will work on himself as if you were your own instructor and guru.

Self Improvement
Self Improvement

The challenge is high, but the goal is worth it. While working on creating an improved version of yourself, you reconstruct the image of your “I”, give it a new desired shape, correct and remove the shortcomings of the previous version – in a word, you create a model of “I 2.0”.

This is exactly what courses on delivering personal growth programs do to improve your efficiency and productivity; personal coaching; seminars on building business relationships; all sorts of business courses, the purpose of which is to make you a more effective participant in the system, be it in the industry of business, marketing, and the like.

Simulation Instead of Self Improvement

The tactics used in such courses are always the same – to turn a person into a more highly effective element of the game so that this element will bring more benefit to the owner. If you yourself are the owner, that is, you own a business or you are an individual entrepreneur, then you will be taught how to more effectively manipulate others to achieve your goals.

At the same time, you will receive the status of a more worthy player who fits well into the system called “mass production and consumption”, with even greater dedication you will continue to invest your energy in the common cause of building a deeply materialistic society, where everyone and everyone is forced to serve mammon.

So much for improving personal efficiency, learning time management techniques, business planning, increasing motivation, a new approach to developing business ideas and other pretty useful things.

However, what is the use of all this if a person still does not know himself. He is offered to consider himself as a mechanism, as a function that can be updated, increase the productivity of this mechanism, replace old programs with new ones. But in the end, any mechanism comes to an end, it has an expiration date. A permanent upgrade is impossible, and if it is offered by the organizers of such business trainings and programs for personal growth, then only for the purpose of their own benefit.

Personal Self Improvement

We must look at the problem of personal growth deeper, from the philosophical side, and here we cannot do without considering the issue from the point of view of existentialism, that is, the beingness of man. Man and the eternal problems of his being are questions of the meaning of life, the desire to embody all the potential that is in him. First of all, here we are talking about personal self-realization.

And this world does not exist without you, therefore – know yourself.


Our craving for self-development, and with it for self-improvement, always comes from the depths of the soul, from our inner world. The desire to know, to learn – qualities inherent only in a human being. Only he, not prompted by external factors and motives, is capable of deep study of the subject that interests him. An internal stimulus to the disclosure of the spiritual principle leads a person to self-knowledge.

From Self Knowledge To Self Improvement

“Know yourself and you will understand the whole world” – this is how ancient wisdom tells us. Having passed through the secrets of self-knowledge, we come to the idea of ​​self-development and self-improvement. There is no final stop on the path of self-knowledge, it is limitless, therefore it is beautiful.

This is a process, and the one who decides to follow the path of self-knowledge will open before him an unprecedented world of inner life, take the first step into the vast expanses of the unknown – where no traveler has ever set foot; because for each person his own inner world is a unique country, always open to study. But there can be only one researcher – you yourself.

The Path of Self Improvement – Development and Improvement

Truth is a country without roads, therefore the road to your inner world is a journey without fellow travelers.

On the path of self-improvement, you are on your own. Nobody can tell you how and what to do, how to understand yourself correctly or from what place, starting point to start. This is the beauty of self-development through self-knowledge. It is impossible to impose someone else’s point of view here, as well as to accept it, otherwise self-knowledge will cease to be self-knowledge and will not lead to any self-development.

But, being yourself and a guide, and an explorer of the unknown, you will learn to hear the inner voice that is in each of us, and you need to learn to listen to it. This inner knowledge connects us with something higher, an ideal, a higher essence. Yogis have called it Ishvara.

Spiritual Practices on The Path of Self Development, Their Impact and Goals

Self Improvement
Self Improvement

When we apply the techniques of meditation, new knowledge becomes available to us, directly from the Source. Meditation allows you to stop the conversation of the mind, to calm it down, so the connection with inner knowledge is restored. It is finally possible to hear it. You just need to plunge into silence – the real silence of the mind. Often we seem to be left alone with ourselves, and we begin to reflect and reflect, which in itself is already a great achievement in our society of ultra-high speeds and advanced technologies.

Silence, Internal and External

Being alone in silence is a good start. Just being silent and thinking is the first step in the practice of mouna, or silence that yogis use. But the essence of this silence is to stop verbal noise, not only external, but also internal, to stop the flow of thoughts. If you have never thought about it, then right now stop yourself at any thought. You see, it worked. Perhaps you had an internal dialogue with the author of the article about what you wrote or thought about your business. All this is just an illustration of the fact that the brain never stops, it talks all the time, draws conclusions, evaluates, compares and generalizes.

Self Improvement
Self Improvement

Everything would be fine if this internal process of dialogue did not separate us from true knowledge, direct perception of information: not with the help of the mind, but through obtaining direct knowledge. This is exactly what happens during the meditation process.

The goals of meditation:

  • merging with the Absolute;
  • stopping the thought process;
  • complete dis-identification with your “I”, and even with consciousness;
  • self-knowledge;
  • knowledge of the world.

It helps to clear the mind of unnecessary things, calm it down, if possible even stop the “conversation” of the mind. Upon exiting meditation, you will notice how your thinking has cleared up and thoughts are less swarming in your head. On the contrary, you now more easily control them, as well as your emotions.

These Are All So-Called Side Effects of Meditation Practice

Personal development and self-improvement through the practice of meditation
You can start your own inner spiritual development by studying Vipassana, since this course is the basis of the method of any meditation. It can be used at more advanced stages of practice, but the practitioner will have slightly different goals while performing the techniques.

First, the ability to consciously focus on one thing – an object or an image – is trained. Then, when the mind is calm and can easily keep any object or idea in focus for a long time, the main stage of the meditation process begins – turning off the flow of one’s own thoughts and emotions and penetrating into the object of meditation – merging with it.

In the course of vipassana , other techniques are considered that facilitate the first acquaintance with meditation and immerse the practitioner in a completely different atmosphere than the one that surrounds him in ordinary reality. This course is notable for the fact that at the retreat a person is offered to plunge into a new world where nothing bothers him, the effect of external stimuli is reduced to zero, silence is not only inside, but also outside. Thus, all conditions have been created that are favorable for learning and mastering new practices. In turn, they lead to the broadening of the horizons of the knower and fill his life with new content.

Constant Self Improvement

The road to self-improvement is limitless, there is no time frame. Once having embarked on this path, the seeker will not come back, he will always strive to search for something new, his striving for development cannot be stopped.

Self Improvement
Self Improvement

Are there any goals for self-improvement? There are too many of them to even begin to list, and the reader himself is well aware of them, because for everyone they are individual, sometimes it is difficult to express them in words, since many of them can be in the emotional-figurative sphere, but inside each of us knows them and feels.

What is The Meaning of Self Improvement?

Why are you trying to improve yourself, what do you want to come to? “I like the process itself” – this is how the short answer to the question posed may sound. A creative path is always hidden in self-improvement, because the essence of any creativity is the creation of a new one, probably on the basis of what is already known, but after all, no one has canceled the use of the accumulated knowledge of the centuries in order to create new unique works.

Rethinking the experience of the past, a new approach to it – all this is an expression of the creative principle of each person.

Much depends on what we mean by creativity. It is not limited to just masterpieces of literature, music and theater, or the creation of new technologies and designs. Creativity is also present in everyday life. A new approach to performing any business is already a manifestation of creativity.

So, doing yoga, performing asanas from hatha yoga allows the practitioner to connect to the creative energy flow expressed by a particular asana.

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Creative Approach to Hatha Yoga Practice

Each pose is a physical exercise and at the same time, through its implementation, you connect to a source of energy that stimulates the practitioner’s creativity. Asana is static, unshakable, but the energy passing through you in the process of doing it is the key to everything.

Self Improvement
Self Improvement

Your body becomes a conductor of vital energies, which also affects consciousness. Many practitioners note that with the beginning of yoga practice, something elusive has appeared in their life, that element of novelty that makes every moment of life unique, when every detail is filled with meaning.

It is your look that has changed, you began to notice what you did not pay attention to before. A look inside, into the depths of your consciousness, through spiritual practices, opened a new world outside for you. First of all, your perception has changed.

Self Improvement of A Person Through The Practice of Hatha Yoga

Choosing hatha yoga for yourself as a way for self-knowledge and self-improvement, you also immerse yourself in the traditions of ancient teachings. Yoga is a spiritual practice where through body awareness, cleansing and breathing practices, you can master your mind and body.

The tremendous benefits of doing physical exercise in yoga are obvious. She, like no other practice, will help to cope with many problems of the musculoskeletal system, correct posture, tighten the muscle corset. The therapeutic effect of performing yoga asanas is also well known, it is only important to choose the right complex in order to evenly distribute the load on those zones with which you would like to work first of all.

Personal Transformation Through Yogic Practices

In psycho-emotional terms, yoga is indispensable in this age of stress. Practicing mindfulness, immersion in yourself and concentration at each lesson, you thereby help yourself to break out of the circle of daily bustle, to look at yourself and the situations of your life with an open mind, detached. It will help you find a new approach to seemingly unsolvable depressing problems, or you will simply re-evaluate the present in a different way. What seemed important will cease to occupy the forefront of your consciousness. Other goals and objectives will come to the fore.

Your life attitudes will change, transforming you and the space around you. Yoga practice is a constant source of inspiration that opens the door to the world of self-discovery. Improving yourself through yoga and meditation practices, you create a new image of yourself, change from within. These changes are profound, as you work with all layers of your psyche that are inaccessible in the ordinary state of consciousness.

Yoga gradually changes your inner world, consciousness. Once you become familiar with an ancient tradition, you will not be the same. The knowledge gained through practice will help your personality to unfold, and you will finally find yourself.