The Main Spheres of Human Life and Best Ways to Their Development

Spheres Of Human Life

In order for a person to be an integral harmonious personality and to feel satisfied, he needs to develop in all the main spheres of life. Accordingly, for this it is necessary to know the main spheres of human life in which one needs to develop. We will talk about this and much more in this article.

Initially, we must understand that a person is simply obliged to start at least somehow work on himself and develop as a person. Without this, life passes under the total influence of fate, which is quite easy to learn from an experienced astrologer or palmist, for example.

I hope that the prospect of being a puppet in the hands of fate does not appeal to you and you want to get out of its influence at least a little. This is within the power of each of us, but it takes a lot of effort.

The Problem of Dissatisfaction in Life

Most people feel dissatisfied and unhappy precisely because they miss an important moment in the development of all spheres of life.

As a rule, modern man directs his attention mainly to some things and objects that are valuable from his point of view, but completely forgets about the more subtle and important aspects of human life.

The problem is that this very purely consumerist concept of life inevitably brings suffering to absolutely every person who adheres to it.

That is why there are many examples from life when a person who has everything from a material point of view, but does not feel happiness. Many people with a low level of consciousness do not understand this. They believe that when you are rich, you automatically become happy.

But it also does not mean that we completely need to stop thinking about the material aspects of life. We live in a world where money and other things are important, therefore, by will, not by will, we have to reckon with this.

So, let’s take a look at all the main areas of human life.

The Main Spheres of Human Life

The Main Spheres Of Human Life
The Main Spheres of Human Life

There are four main areas of human life. Some authors divide them more broadly, but their whole variety can be reduced to four groups. Each of these areas of life requires attention to itself. Harmonious development in these four directions is the main condition for happiness.

Physical Sphere

This area includes our health and everything connected with it. Health is often cited as the most important area, putting it first. But in part, this is a delusion.

Health and the physical sphere of life in general are important without a doubt, but they are not the main goal of human life, since without any options the body will die, no matter how we take care of it.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a sobriety of thinking here: to understand that health is important, but not of great importance without the development of the following main areas of human life.

Social Sphere

This is the sphere of relations with all the people around you, as well as with oneself, which is important. This also includes the ability to make money, since this is directly related to society and the benefits that we bring to it.

I would like to note that this area is very important for the happiness and success of a person. Depending on what kind of relationship we build with people, our destiny develops, and this also directly affects the attitude towards ourselves.

Any activity in society is impossible without relationships with people, what can we say about relationships with relatives, which are extremely important in life.

The moment we stop caring about relationships with people, those relationships immediately begin to deteriorate.

Remember that we must learn to build the right relationship, first with parents and teachers, then with a spouse, then with children, with colleagues, with friends, etc.

Intellectual Sphere

This area includes areas such as development in professional activity, goal setting, working with emotions and mind, etc. Many authors identify these areas as separate areas.

It is important to learn to feed your mind and mind with the right “food”, as our way of thinking, our values ​​and our future destiny depend on it.

In this case, it is important in which environment we spend most of the time. It is difficult to change your worldview, staying in an old environment, which, for example, does not want to develop and is skeptical about everything except money, drinks, etc.

Spiritual (Evolutionary) Sphere

I am not afraid of this word, but this is the most important sphere of human life. If this area is forgotten by people, then he will definitely live a priceless human life in vain.

This includes work on increasing the level of the evolutionary development of man and his essence (soul), the development of selflessness and other elevated qualities of character, helping various living beings and much more. It is important to understand that we have not only a physical body that we can see in a mirror, but we also have other bodies, in detail about this article:

What is The Human Soul? Description of The Essence of Man

The Main Spheres Of Human Life
The Main Spheres of Human Life

Remember that as we develop the spiritual realm, we simultaneously fill all other realms. Everything else depends on the level of evolutionary development, and not vice versa.

How to Develop the Main Areas of Human Life?

Now we need to determine the steps that need to be taken to develop a particular area of ​​human life. Of course, this is a big topic, so here will be a short description of the process plus a video in addition.

Physical Development

The Main Spheres Of Human Life
Physical Development

In the physical realm, we need to learn how to properly handle our body. This is the area from which the process of personality self-development usually begins.

Be sure to include here:

  • Correct daily routine ( read the article );
  • Proper nutrition ( read the article );
  • Any physical activity, but in moderation (running, gym, fitness, dancing, etc.);
  • Cleanliness of body and environment;
  • Harmonious sex life;
  • Eliminating bad habits.

That’s not all, but start working in these areas at least.

Development of The Social Sphere

Development Of The Social Sphere
Development of The Social Sphere

There is one simple recipe in this area for how to build the right relationships with people. First, remember an important rule:

  • You must always invest your energy in relationships with all categories of people who can be divided into elders, peers and juniors.
  • How to properly invest in relationships? Someone needs time, someone needs to say a kind word, and someone needs to give something.

But whatever it was, we must know the general rule:

  • To show respect to people who are older than us in age, position, on the career ladder (but only if they deserve it);
  • We need to be friends with people who are equal to us (if they are worthy people and friendship with them does not destroy us);
  • People who are younger than us need to be supported and cared for, and sometimes punished, if there are reasons for this.

Try not to do the following:

  • Don’t be jealous of your elders;
  • Do not quarrel with equals;
  • Don’t humiliate your younger ones.

Next is another area.

Development of The Intellectual Sphere

Development Of The Intellectual Sphere
Development of The Intellectual Sphere

For the development of this area of ​​life, we need to constantly improve in our professional activities. It is desirable that this area be our favorite business.

It is also necessary to develop in related areas, thanks to which we can move in the main direction.

I also recommend that you read wise books (certainly not detective stories and science fiction), listen to lectures on self-development, relationships, etc. This will also develop your mind.

If you want to become one of the best in a particular field, then find someone who is already the best and start learning from him.

Development of The Spiritual (Evolutionary) Sphere

Development Of The Spiritual (Evolutionary) Sphere
Development of The Spiritual (Evolutionary) Sphere

The first thing to understand is that I am an entity (soul). This is not always easy and quick to happen, so below are the points to help you do this.

For the development of the spiritual sphere, it is necessary to gain knowledge about the essence, the laws of nature, the Universe, and real development.

Methods for correct evolutionary development:

  • Constantly receive versatile information and knowledge;
  • Develop positive character traits and eradicate negative ones;
  • Learn to live by conscience;
  • And much more.

Summary of The Article

So, in the article you learned the main spheres of human life. These are the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual (evolutionary) realms. You also learned how to develop each area.

Important to Remember

  • All the main spheres of human life need attention, they all need to be developed;
  • It is necessary to pay special attention to the evolutionary sphere, otherwise all other efforts will be useless.