Steps to Self Development: 12 Most Effective Steps for Self Development

Steps To Self Development

Greetings, friends. If you set yourself a goal – to start your steps to self development, then I can congratulate you! It means that ahead of you lies an increase in personal and professional qualities, the achievement of harmony and prosperity. It remains only to decide where to start self-development. In this article, we’ll break down the 12 most effective steps to take to get you started. And in order for us to achieve the highest possible results, let’s first analyze 2 important questions: what is self-development, and why do we need to do it? Lets get started.

What is Self Development?

Self-development is work on improving one’s qualities: physical and mental abilities, professional skills, level of education and upbringing, ability to communicate and build relationships. An important stage on the path of self-development is the rejection of explicit and implicit bad habits.

The goal of self-development is to ensure a happy and healthy life, as well as the realization of professional ambitions and personal plans. To do this, it is necessary to work on developing one’s own personality, improving health and physical fitness, professional skills and the ability to communicate with other people.

Why Do You Need to Engage in Self Development?

In human nature, there is a need for constant development and obtaining new opportunities. If development stops, the person begins to degrade. It is enough for an athlete to stop exercising for several months to completely lose shape. Similarly, an ordinary person, having stopped developing, quickly begins to “back down”.

Look at your own acquaintances and try to determine which of them is investing in their own development, and how this affects their success and attitude towards life. You will find that happier are those who continually strive to learn and improve. They travel, play sports, regularly attend trainings and professional courses.

Members of the other group prefer to relax on the couch with a bottle of beer. They have no time to develop, because they are always tired and unhappy. If you don’t want to be like them, it’s time to work on yourself. Let’s go directly to 12 steps that will help you choose a direction, give strength and motivation.

12 Most Effective First Steps to Self Development

12 Most Effective First Steps To Self Development
12 Most Effective First Steps to Self Development

1. Set Goals for Yourself

You cannot be productive without seeing a specific goal. Only by clearly understanding the current task, it is possible to plan actions optimally. At the same time, it is advisable to work out the plan in detail, having determined with each step and stages of your progress.

In self-development, it can be difficult to predict the achievement of goals. For example, when doing sports, you want to achieve a given weight or achieve a certain volume of biceps or hips. First, ask what the rate of progress is realistic, and only then set yourself achievable goals, breaking them into stages of 1-2 weeks. By practicing methodically, you will soon see clear progress that will motivate you. Remember that high expectations are the main danger to self-improvement, so set realistic goals.

2. Increase Motivation

Strong motivation is needed to work effectively on oneself. But over time, it inevitably weakens, so you need to find ways to maintain it. This will help reading books about self-development and stories of successful people, watching motivating films, looking for new directions of development. Keep in mind that there is no point in reading and watching “for show”, you must be carried away by the process.

3. Put Things in Order in Your Head

We tend to accumulate all sorts of “garbage” in our head, consisting of wrong beliefs, unnecessary habits, imposed attitudes and other burdens. Having dropped this ballast, you can breathe deeply and start working on the realization of your own goals and desires, and not imposed ones.

Ask yourself what you really want. There is no need to repeat the settings given by the parents. Drop the unnecessary, get rid of the imposed beliefs and think only about your own desires. State them clearly and write them down on a clean sheet. Now you can build a plan for their implementation.

4. Fight Laziness

Fight Laziness
Steps to Self Development

Laziness is a complex phenomenon that prevents a person from working, living and developing. When you feel lazy, push yourself to do important things. Your mind must be strong enough to make decisions and take action right away. Of course, rest should be present too, but only as a reward for productive work.

5. Develop Discipline

At any moment in time, you can quite unambiguously answer the question “What should I be doing now?” Self-discipline is the ability to force yourself to do important things and give up unnecessary, harmful and unnecessary things. At the same time, discipline does not imply a “barracks” way of life. It is aimed at giving up useless waste of time, therefore, it is the most important factor in effective self-development.

6. Get Rid of the “Toxic” Environment

Before thinking about where to start self-development, try to reduce the negative influence of “toxic” people. Among your acquaintances, there are probably gossips and negativists, after communication with whom an unpleasant “aftertaste” remains. It is impossible to fully improve yourself, having such people around, so try to replace them with those who prefer to share the positive.

7. Let New People into Your Life

Even if you’re an introvert, try to expand your social circle. For self-development, an exchange of experience is necessary. You can learn something from every positive person. So, meet new people, and also try to get close to the most interesting people you already know.

8. Get Rid of The Fear of Failure

Steps To Self Development
Steps to Self Development

The path to success is thorny and generous with obstacles. Learn to calmly accept mistakes and failures. You can’t avoid them by moving at high speed, so prepare yourself for discomfort – it is necessary to build character. Remember: a strong person is not one who does not fall, but one who finds the strength to rise. Be persistent and move towards your goal, using mistakes as clues in choosing the right direction.

9. Start Taking Care of Your Health

We tend to postpone health care, believing that a young organism has endless resources for recovery. But there is no age at which health would not be the most important factor in a happy and prosperous life. Think about what habits are negatively affecting your health and get rid of them.

Develop good habits along the way. Start monitoring your diet and exercising. Sign up for a pool or sports section. Sports can be combined with recreation and entertainment, playing tennis (big or table), volleyball, basketball and other outdoor games. Sports games are good for the cardiovascular system and effectively strengthen muscles. There are other options for a pleasant and rewarding pastime, such as cycling or dancing.

10. Start Reading

Among the channels for obtaining information, reading remains the most important. When choosing where to start self-development, be sure to include this item in your list. Don’t be limited to professional literature, read fiction, educational and motivational. Read self-help books on a regular basis, writing out the most important theses. Many of the recommendations will seem pointless to you, but gradually you will collect a collection of really useful tips.

11. Identify Your Strengths

Each person has some qualities and abilities better developed; others worse. Our personality is based on this. Brainstorm yourself and write down the qualities that you consider to be your own strengths. You can also ask your loved ones what positive qualities are stronger in you.

These can be professional inclinations, character traits, talents, physical characteristics, the ability to do certain things with high quality that are difficult for others. Once you identify your strengths, you can use them to achieve your goals.

12. Track Progress

Steps To Self Development
Steps to Self Development

Our brain has a dopamine reward system that is responsible for gaining experience, assimilating knowledge and motivating. And it reacts precisely to conscious progress. When we register for ourselves that we have made some progress in a certain matter, our brain pleases itself with a small portion of dopamine. This improves the assimilation of information and motivates for further development.

Also, development monitoring allows you to correct the direction of movement, correcting errors and choosing the best route. Time spent tracking progress is always justified by optimal resource allocation later on.


Today it is impossible to achieve success without spending time on self-improvement. By deciding to take this path, you greatly increase your chances. The main thing is to act and not stop, so it is important to start self-development correctly in order to quickly achieve certain successes and not lose motivation in the process.