Second Stimulus Check: Treasury Secretary Confirms Deal for Second Stimulus Check

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Treasury Secretary Confirms Deal For Second Stimulus Check

Negotiations between the White House, House and Senate seem to have been successfully concluded about second stimulus check.

Despite the brakes on a second bill that includes a new stimulus check for the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19, the two federal legislative houses and the White House seem to have already agreed to give the green light to the move.

And is that as confirmed by the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin to the American newspaper The Hill, after several days of negotiations was reached an agreement that although not formally confirmed, points to the same stimulus past. Also, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell outlined Republicans plans for another stimulus bill, which would send most Americans another $1,200 stimulus check.

The last stimulus included $1,200 for each citizen whose annual salary was less than $75,000. In addition, it included $500 per dependent. “We are talking about the same arrangement as last time, so our proposal is exactly the same proposal as last time,” Mnuchin told The Hill.

Prior to those statements, US President Donald Trump, who is down in the polls in his re-election career, said he was interested in being very generous in the next economic stimulus.

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Second Stimulus Check - Confirmed By Steven Mnuchin
Source: MSNBC

While House Democrats have already passed the HEROES Act to grant a second round of stimulus checks, the Senate has yet to cast its final vote and has been considering several proposals to help citizens under the $3 trillion budget, higher than the $2.2 trillion passed in relief by the Coronavirus relief and Economic Security, CARES Act.

Among the latest proposals is the Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act of Senator Kamala Harris of California, who, along with Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey, plans to send $2,000 a month stimulus until January 2021 to people with a certain level of income so they can rehabilitate their economy during the crisis.

The United States remains the most affected country in the world by the pandemic, so the number of unemployed weekly increases, although it had seen a reduction in May.