Subconscious Mind: It Can Do Anything – How to Work with the Subconscious?

Subconscious Mind

Greetings, in this article I’ll tell you about the subconscious mind and how to work with the subconscious. This is not the first time I have done this, because this is the basis of everything that happens to us in life. Also, the subconscious and working with it, this is the basis of my basic course, which today has already helped hundreds of people to change their lives for the better.

Nowadays, concepts such as “higher self”, “immersion in the unconscious”, “ego”, “work with the subconscious” have ceased to cause shock and seem to be something beyond, unattainable. Available only to a narrow circle of “dedicated”.

Undoubtedly, in order to be “in the subject” and not only to perceive by ear, but also to understand what it is about, you need to take the path of awareness and spiritual self-development. After all, this information is not one of those that gets to just about anyone. A person who is not ready will simply not accept it.

However, those who show remarkable interest in the declared topic will greatly simplify the task of comprehending these depths. If they know what subtleties and pitfalls exist in this matter. What moments should be strictly followed, and where to move “on a whim”. We will talk about this today.

Subconscious Mind

Subconscious Mind
Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the power that can do anything. So, let’s first understand the term subconscious – what is it? There are a great many interpretations from versions concerning an individual to the most wide-ranging representations. It seems appropriate here to designate two so that you can appreciate the scope.

In the case of each human personality, the subconscious is appropriate to name the processes of mental reactions that are generated, but are not realized. They are not controlled or controlled.

In the fullest possible expression, the subconscious is nothing more than our “Super I”. A sort of information and energy system directly connected with the Creator, God, Source – whatever you like.

Subconscious Mind

This is a part of us, but at the same time it is the Supreme Mind, the Soul, which is part of the Universal Stream. And containing information about any event anywhere in the Universe. That’s it, no more, no less.

The subconscious mind can be compared to an iceberg, in which, as you know, a disproportionately large and unpredictable part of it is in the unknown, hidden under the water column. The subconscious mind can do anything.

Still lucidly installation “consciousness-subconsciousness” can be imagined as an armored door with a peephole in the middle of an outlandish garden. Where consciousness is just that tiny peephole with a minimal view through which a person looks at the world and evaluates it. And consciousness is very limited. But the subconscious mind can do anything. For the subconscious is just the surrounding garden with all its limitless diversity.

Why Exactly Now the Subconscious Mind can Do Everything?

The era has changed. The truth of our origin, purpose and mission in these incarnations, as well as the essence of the world order created by the creator, are no longer a secret behind seven seals. And in a wide stream of awareness they are pouring into almost everyone living now on the planet. Some, according to the plans of the soul, tend to perceive more, others less. But invisible changes feel everything and no one will remain the same in the light of the new formation.

Why and why is this happening? Because a new era has come – the era of transformation and creation of a blissful world. And from now on, everyone must participate in this exciting and interesting process.

We have moved to a new level of the game on a planetary scale, if you like. That is why we were given these new, previously inaccessible knowledge, levers and tools. Previously, we would have simply “broken and lost” as in an old joke. And now we have apparently “grown up” and can use it for good. Just work with the subconscious mind is one of those wonderful “magic wands”.

How to Work with the Subconscious?

Subconscious Mind
Subconscious Mind

But what is work with the subconscious in its essence? It has nothing to do with occultism, ritualism, or mysterious manipulation.

Working with the subconscious is a conversation with oneself in essence, with a direct and immediate part of oneself, free from superficial and blinkered. The subconscious mind can do anything. That is, it is important to understand precisely that in this interaction there is no one besides yourself, therefore there is nothing to fear.

Responsibility is the key to effective work with the subconscious…

Another most important point, without which all efforts are reduced to zero. It would even be worth putting it in first place. It lies in the fact that even though the subconscious mind can do everything, you shouldn’t even meddle in this topic without taking on one hundred percent responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

That is, literally from ear to ear in the head, as an immutable truth, a belief firmly built into life should take root that: “I am the author and creator of everything that happens to me. I myself created the scenery of the reality around me. From the largest to the smallest detail (yes, that tiny spider running over there is also my job). I myself, by my actions, beliefs and thoughts, attracted these people and these events into my life. I am the owner of my world and I can rule it as I see fit. “

Without this clear and firm confidence, you will not have the opportunity to change your life, transform it. Then why do you, in fact, go into the subconscious and learn something about yourself?

In an “irresponsible” state, it is highly likely that during communication with your Highest hypostasis, it may seem that the information you received is nonsense. This cannot be, it is doubtful, it is not certain. Or, even worse, it is not you yourself, but some external entity conducts a dialogue with you and nothing depends on you at all.

Only the honed skill of consciously taking responsibility will guarantee you an amazing experience of knowing yourself in your spiritual manifestation. Only this guarantees you the receipt of the necessary information and its subsequent benevolent and harmonious application.

Now from theory to action. Suppose that you are no longer a beginner on the spiritual path. You have one or another meditative experience, or at least the skill of passive relaxed listening to the singing of birds and the rustle of leaves in a forest clearing. Which is essentially the same meditation. Where to start getting to know your “higher self”?

Methodology for Working with the Subconscious

Subconscious Mind
Subconscious Mind

With an understanding of what you generally want to get out of the process. If this is the very fact of interaction, then the good news is that you are “in a direct line” with your Soul whenever you feel joyful, easy and good. At these very moments energetically you “rise”, you begin to vibrate in unison with the frequency of higher manifestations. In this state, the desired filling with the resource occurs. Insights and insights come and the blissful events of the future life are laid.

And on the contrary, if it is hard for you, dreary, difficult and sad, then, following the logic, there is a “connection interruption”. And then everything is exactly the opposite. The good news is that, by nature, we all have constant “connection”, and we “disconnect” of our own free will, fixing our attention on the wrong one. All you need to do is change the vector of attention to a positive one. To fixate on something for which one can be grateful to the World and to oneself right now – and now the “connection is established”.

If you inquisitively want to master your subconscious to clarify some hidden moments for yourself, to find answers to certain questions, then mastering a number of already verified techniques will come in handy. By the way, there are a great many of them. But we advise you to give preference to the most “fresh” ones that have appeared recently.

How to Determine the Degree of Freshness of a Technique?

Very simple. The technique is suitable, the performance of which is not burdened with heaps of conventions. Like the necessary full moon, the corresponding number in the calendar and the obligatory attributes in the form of a willow branch in the left hand and a plate of warm oatmeal in the right. That is, the most suitable technique is the one that is simpler, easier and not stretched out in time.

Many techniques of working with their highest manifestation, which are still in use, appeared, although at the turn of times, but still under the strong influence of the era of Kali. When difficulty, convention and overcoming obstacles were part of the game. These techniques have helped many to open their eyes to new things. They were the forerunners of change, and their importance cannot be overemphasized.

However, everything is moving forward and now the use of too complex takes away from the essence. It drains energy and is no more fruitful. You must understand that you are “in touch” at any time without conventions and attributes. And when you hone the skill of joyful relaxation and trust in the process, you can communicate, ask questions and get answers anywhere. Whether on the bus or in the kitchen over a cup of tea.

Techniques for Working with the Subconscious

Subconscious Mind
Subconscious Mind

You should certainly listen to yourself in the course of choosing one or another method of working with the subconscious. If for some unknown reason you do not want to practice this or that method, then in no case overcome yourself. Even if this method is recommended to you by a three-time eminent guru from some ashram.

Remember that you and only you feel exactly what you need. And no one can feel it for you, whoever he is. After all, trusting your feelings is already allowing your subconscious to speak to you. Guiding you is already quite the beginning of productive communication.

Below I will present to your attention several ways to work with your subconscious mind, which will help you get used to, possibly, new sensations of yourself. Learn to trust and allow. Perhaps you will like them, or you may want to apply something else . Whatever you choose, it is important in the course of interaction to be “on the same wavelength” of vibrations with the Forces that created you. To coincide with them in frequencies, which means that you need to be in the resource, in vigor and, most importantly, in confidence in the result.

First Way: Technique #1

So let’s get started. Let’s start with a technique that, although not designed to get answers to questions, is basic. Because it has the meaning of building a positive attitude towards life and modeling the positive construction of its events. Its essence is to fix on good as much time as possible.

You may argue hotly that it is difficult and practically impossible to do it all the time, as life is “storming”. And you will be right with the only proviso that it seems almost impossible if you try to concentrate on the good, being in the perception of the mind. But that’s the whole point.

To fulfill the “connection” to your Soul, to your Higher Hypostasis, in order to harmonize all branches of your being in material embodiment. We are given two extremely simple levers, let’s call them “gas” and “brake”. And these levers are not somewhere in the depths, but on the surface, being the most used in every current day. We talk about feeling, about feeling “good” and “bad”.

These indicators have a short circuit to the physical body , and it is designed to transmit any signal with utmost clarity. Therefore, it is almost impossible to confuse one with the other. And that’s when we feel good about any event, communication, situation. Thus, we actively drown the “gas” pedal and joyfully drive through life, accumulate energy, radiate positive. And thus we attract him even more in the form of desired events into our reality.

If it is hard, sad, unpleasant, difficult for us, we “slow down” and get bogged down in a swamp. By projecting the same swamp, only in an even more expanded spill and thickening into its near and distant future.

Therefore, our task is to be in contact with the Soul as much as possible. After all, our subconscious mind can really do everything! And for this you need to ask yourself the question “What do I feel?” Joy, lightness? It’s all right, let’s go.

Unpleasant, hard, discomfort? Urgently switch your attention to something with which everything is guaranteed to be in order in your world created by you. Which doesn’t require your frantic intervention right now.

What Could It Be?

It could be a sleeping cat. Plates washed by you and placed on the shelf. Fun green ficus in a pot, and so on. Even your nose or ear, provided that everything is fine with them right now, may be perfect for switching over to them. Leave the negative in a neutral position and take a breath.

Further, in order to have a profit already, we urgently remember why in this life we ​​can be grateful to ourselves as the creator of our reality. Good weather? Perfectly! Did you have a tasty lunch? Wonderful! Friendly communication with the seller in the store? Great, because it reflects some of your good lines, why not thank yourself for that! Are you wearing comfortable shoes and clothes? And it’s good! The more reasons for gratitude, the more evidence that everything is fine with your world, you can relax. The higher the vibration, the more consonance with your true essence, and this is your subconsciousness, and the more goodness in each future day.

How Does the Subconscious Mind Work?

The next way to interact with the subconscious is to transform communication. It often happens that we are simply distracted from communicating with this or that person. Jarring on what and how he says to ours or someone else’s address. Even sometimes the way it looks and acts. Meanwhile, such situations are one of the most powerful signals that our subconscious mind gives that there is a serious “plug” in this issue. Hindering the blissful flow of energy, breaking the connection with the Highest manifestation, and therefore in need of correction.

However, it is a delusion to think that ignoring such a person will be the solution to the question that has arisen. Each person, according to the Law of Reflection, by his behavior towards us, shows us only what we ourselves think. And we are not thinking about him, but about ourselves. For this reason, it is impossible to remake a person. And avoiding it with a high degree of probability will attract another similar “irritant” into reality. Because the reason has not been eliminated.

What is the Reason?

From the point of view of our Highest hypostasis, our Soul, God, Creator, Power that created us – choose any convenient designation – we, the essences embodied here, are ideal. Unconditionally valuable, beautiful and loved. Absolutely one hundred percent. But being incarnated in matter, playing a game called “earthly life” we often forget about this truth. And we grow up with dissatisfaction with ourselves on a variety of issues.

Then we are not satisfied with our appearance . Then we do not accept ourselves when we say this or that. We behave in the way for which we condemn later. Or we simply do not allow ourselves to be who we really want. Simply put, we begin to feel not loved, not perfect, not valuable, not wonderful, not beautiful.

And this brings discord, dissonance between the two parts of our “I” – the embodied and the Highest. As a result, we feel bad. And in order for us to realize the need to reboot to the “factory settings”, we are those or other people who piss us off. Looking at them and feeling these or those unpleasant feelings in relation to them, we need to understand only that it is these feelings in some aspects we experience for ourselves. We do not allow ourselves this or that manifestation. We consider ourselves to be unsightly, worthy of one or another derogatory treatment, and so on.

Second Way: Technique # 2

And the technique is simple. Take and thoughtfully write down all the feelings and unpleasant sensations. Everything that this or that person evokes in you. Realize this all in relation to yourself. Again write in the context “I don’t allow myself this and that”. Or maybe “I’m yelling at myself with the help of this person, because I consider myself guilty” and so on.

And then reformat the manifested written. Literally replacing them with opposite beliefs about themselves. Something like (for example) “I accept myself in this behavior and allow myself to be.” Or “I am an indisputable value for myself and the most important part of the universe. I love and appreciate myself and the world reflects this to me. ” Well, in this spirit, for each point, for clarity, too, this is all scrupulously written down.

The work is done, the sore “splinter” has been removed and do not be tempted to look at it further, rubbing the wounded place. Switch to positive and press the gas pedal. You saw your sign to transform the problem with the help of this person. And blessed changes in relationships with him will not keep you waiting. After all, the subconscious mind can do anything.

Third Way: Technique # 3

A third very useful technique for communicating with the subconscious is the passive writing technique. It is good in that it provides a significant help both in the transformation of interpersonal relationships . So also life situations, including moments of correction of bodily ailments and ailments.

Again, a prerequisite is the absence of physical and mental fatigue. Existing vigor and desire to transform your life for the better . The technique involves writing two “letters”. Let’s call one “a letter of anger”, the other “a letter of gratitude.” The volume of the narrative of each letter and its emotionality will depend solely on what, how much and how long has accumulated in you on this issue.

Letter of Anger

Let’s start with a “letter of anger.” We take a few sheets of paper, a properly writing pen. We secure solitude and some free time from all. We are titling the future opus as “A Letter of Anger to …”. Instead of ellipsis, entering either the name of a certain person, the relationship with whom I would like to improve. Or, if it comes to a certain situation, “to the part that chooses …”, and then what actually chooses. For example, “he chooses that the boss yells at me every day.” Or “he chooses so that I have little money,” or “he chooses so that I don’t have a relationship with the opposite sex, ” or “he chooses to be ill with this,” and so on.

We decided on the title. And now, with a hot feeling, all the brightest and splashing emotions, without hesitation in expressions (after all, no one will read it anyway, and nasty things are spinning in their head anyway, so why be embarrassed) to start the story. For clarity, it would be good to separate each item from the other with a new line at least. It is more comfortable.

Still, in the description, you try to bring everything accumulated into the plane of your feelings , sensations. Since they, as we remember, are the root of everything. In the version with “debriefing” about a person, write something like “I felt hurt (hurt, annoyed, unpleasant, ashamed, scared , and so on) when you …” and then describe the past experience.

In the variant with a situation or with one or another ill health, we write in the context “I’m tired of experiencing this and that”. Remembering all the situations related to this issue, in which you felt uncomfortable and limited.

Write out everything that goes, even if in your opinion it is indirectly related. Write out to the state “Everything, emptiness, apathy, exhausted.” Then, with feeling and thoughtfulness, it is advisable to re-read aloud with emotions what is written. Read to the point that it no longer clings. That it’s not about you, like a newspaper article of some kind. That is, so that all emotions come out already. Someone needs a couple of times, someone needs five or more times.

The Subconscious + Effective Techniques are the Key to Success.

You did a nice job and did the lion’s share of the business. It will not be superfluous to wash with cool water, or even take a shower. Now it’s time to give thanks. We write “Letter of gratitude…” and the same continuation of the text as in the previous letter. Let’s make a reservation right away that at first, before you start printing the first lines, you may not understand what you will be writing about. Moreover, it may seem to you that you would never think of anything to be thankful for. But that’s what the technique of working with the subconscious is for. In the course of relaxation and tuning in a certain way, the answers seem to come by themselves. Do not forget – the subconscious mind can do anything.

How to Write a Thank You Letter?

That in relation to a person, that in relation to parts of his hidden “I”, in the wording it is convenient to start the phrase: “Thanks to you, I understood (a)”… This puts many things in their place. In relation to a person, this can be a series of realizations about oneself. Understanding your hidden messages. And even sometimes, suddenly, a vision of oneself from the side in exactly the same manifestations. With regard to parts of the subconscious, these may be suddenly discovered hidden benefits from a particular situation or bodily malaise – they are always there. And the recognition that they are precisely what contributes to the dissolution and transformation of the issue as a whole.

With a high degree of probability, after writing a “letter of gratitude” you will see the situation from a completely different angle. And positive changes in your reality will not be long in coming. The written opuses can then be disposed of in any convenient way – they have worked out their main functions. Practice shows that fire copes with this task best. No wonder they also say: “Burn it with a blue flame.” Although the sheets of gratitude, if desired, can be saved to re-read in case of an emotional impulse.

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The technique of working with the subconscious is equal to the technique of fulfilling desires
The listed methods of working with the subconscious, subject to your consonance with them, will become a convenient help in understanding yourself. In acquiring the skills of reuniting with that spiritual part of you, which you are in essence. They will help to be in constant communication with well-being and become your guide to the life you wish. After all, the subconscious mind can do anything!

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