The Advice of Tony Robbins To Change the State of Mind

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Advice Of Tony Robbins

Nowadays, most of us want to get results very quickly and almost instantly. Whether it’s to lose weight or to save our marriage, we don’t have the patience to do things right. This trend even remains effective in the professional context. Indeed, how many of us want to earn “exorbitant” sums as soon as they enter the working life? Perhaps it is also in human nature to want everything, right away, here and now. However, the path to success is not so easy. It is often littered with pitfalls and requires real effort to be at hand. According to the advice of Tony Robbins, (his real name Anthony J. Mahavoric) success is above all knowing how to change the state of mind. For good reason, you have to start by changing the way you think and then hope to see change in your life.

Tips from Tony Robbins

Tips From Tony Robbins
Tips From Tony Robbins

1: Focus Your Attention on The Most Important

Throughout his career, this very influential personal development coach has found that “most people fail in life because they put too much importance on small things”. According to Tony Robbins’ advice, however, the opposite must be done. In a video that was intended to present his services, he stressed the need to do sorting in your life. In fact, he is convinced that being multitasking is not the best alternative to boost your productivity.

On the contrary, it is the best way to scatter. Since your mind is not focused on one thing, it becomes much more difficult for you to focus on the moment. That’s when you have to provide monster efforts to perform tasks that may not need it. That is why it is essential to improve your ability to manage priorities and focus. “Where your concentration goes your energy”. You will then be able to increase your efficiency.

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2: Defining an Action Plan

“Every person who succeeds, had a dream and pursued it to the end.” According to Tony Robbins’ advice, it is essential to set goals to motivate you to achieve it. Few of us know this, for example, but before he was successful, this American philanthropist was far from having an easy life. Wanting to get away from an abusive mother, he left home at a very young age. But he didn’t want to end up homeless lambda. And it was this ambition that prompted him to make the necessary efforts to be able to chart his own path. According to him, “setting goals is the first step in transforming the invisible into the visible”.

To do this, it is also essential to change the state of mind. We no longer need to focus on short-term goals. Instead, adopt a sustainable strategy. According to Tony Robbins’ advice, this must necessarily include radical changes. It is not enough to change some of our behaviors. Have your goals in mind and do what is necessary to achieve them. Define an accurate and clear action plan that will allow you to always move in the right direction.

3: Getting Rid of Your Demons

Tony Robbins said, “the quality of your life is equal to the quality of your thoughts”. In reality, everything begins with thought. If you always fill your existence with negativity, it will naturally invade you. That’s why changing your life also involves changing your state of mind. Think more positively. Bring optimism to everything you do. Get rid of everything that is cumbersome and superfluous. But it also means that you need to do some work on yourself. Have as your main goal to have inner peace.

Indeed, it is the internal conflict that often prevents us from making progress. And by that, Tony Robbins refers to the conflict that takes place in us between desire and fears. We often want to change our lives, pursue our dreams, but we limit ourselves simply out of fear of the gaze of others. What will my children say if I do this? What will my surroundings think if I skip the step? What will they say if my project fails?

But the truth is, these “what if” are only there to hold you back in your momentum. Like the advice of Jim Carrey and Will Smith, Tony Robbins would tell you to overcome fear. So, start living for yourself. Take back the rudder of your life. Don’t just be a spectator. After all, it is yours and it would be a pity not to enjoy this prerogative.

4: Joining the Best Coaches

“Action is what creates all the great successes. Action is what gives results.” This Is the last of Tony Robbins’ advice we’ll see today. Other influential people like Jean-Claude Van Damme attach particular importance to this part: acting. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to start on your own. We usually hesitate to intervene because we don’t really know where to start. It is precisely for this reason that Tony Robbins recommends taking advantage of the support of a personal development coach.

Source: Bloomberg YouTube Channel

The truth is, these professionals have already accompanied several people. They are therefore better able to have a very precise idea of the scheme that is put in place as soon as it comes to success. They are also able to guide you to the most sensible choices based on your situation, the goal you want to achieve. The American essayist has already helped more than 4 million people. He honed his skills over thirty years. From his first studies concerning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to the successful author he is today. So, he knows what works best and what will not work.