10 Best books 2020 For Entrepreneurs

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10 Best Books 2020 For Entrepreneurs

This selection of the best books for entrepreneurs to read in 2020 was established following numerous surveys carried out in 2019 with a large community of successful entrepreneurs.

This list identifies the 10 most popular books written primarily by people who put their theories into practice. This list of books will allow you to achieve financial independence, earn more in addition to your salary or to invest in your projects.

1. Rich father, poor father of Robert Kiyosaki

The best personal finance book of all time!

Why read this book?
Because the author …

Break the myth that you have to make a lot of money to hope to get rich. Also insists on the belief that your home is an asset when in his opinion it is clearly a liability.

Also explain to parents that their children will not learn how to earn money in school.

This book will tell you how to get rich and what to teach your children so that they know that financial success is possible .

This book is suitable for both employees and entrepreneurs.

It remains one of the best must-read books for us in 2020!

2. Tim Ferris’ 4 hour week

Work less, earn more and live better, it’s everyone’s dream!

Why read this book?
Do you dream of leaving the rat race? to do away with your metro-work-sleep routine, optimize your working time and live better?

You will learn in this book how to organize yourself better and in just 4 hours a week complete your work which you previously required 35 hours.

This book is a real guide to changing your lifestyle .

Timothy Ferriss will also give you all the processes he uses to optimize his time and in this new edition you will have testimonials from people who have followed his advice.

One of my favorites because it allowed me to delegate and have more and more automated processes. This book is a bible that entrepreneurs should have on their bedside tables!

3. Tony Robbins Unlimited Power

Become a self-confident person and impose yourself in your professional life!

Why read this book?
It is quite simply the reference book to change your life with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Unlimited Power is a book that may turn your life upside down.

The various strategies and techniques of neurolinguistic programming that it reveals will allow you to achieve an unsuspected quality of life both in your private life and in your life as an entrepreneur.

You will gradually develop a strong confidence in you in your relations and your communications by removing your fears.

Thanks to this work you will finally reach a financial freedom allowing you to carry out your projects.

Anthony Robbins is one of the greatest consultants and coaches in the world! it will give you the means to succeed and finally have the life you have always dreamed of.

If you have to pick up a book to assert yourself in society and in the world of work, it is the book to read for entrepreneurs who are still a little shy!

4. Think and get rich from Napoleon Hills

A must have for any entrepreneur who wants to know how to get rich!

Why read this book?
This book will teach you what no one has dared to tell you: how to learn and apply what will allow you to make a fortune and achieve your goals.

Napoleon Hill will show you how your thoughts and beliefs are going to be able to change the course of your life.

This book is the result of more than twenty years of research on thirteen universal principles that will boost your confidence and guarantee you success .

Surely the best book to get rich quick and which remains relevant even in 2020!

5. The tools of Titans: Their keys to success by Tim Ferris

Get inspired by the greatest entrepreneurs of this century!

Why read this book?
He tells us about exceptional individuals who are more successful than most people! This success is often due to a small detail, a habit or a way of life.

This book brings together interviews with world-famous personalities whose success is exceptional.

You will find some prestigious guests such as:

  • Arnold schwarzenegger
  • Jamie foxx
  • Kevin costner
  • paulo Coelho
  • Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter)
  • Ed catmull
  • And many others.

This book will give you all the keys so that you in turn can become a “giant”.

Really very inspiring with case studies of personalities that we know well with whom we have little to identify!

6. The Microgrid Revolution – Mahesh P. Bhave

Studies are useless, become a smart rebel!

Why read this book?
New Generation Business Model is a guide in which you will learn how to deal with complex competitive situations. This book is made up of innovative tips and solutions aimed at bypassing traditional methodologies in entrepreneurship. It is an essential tool for all leaders who wish to create or optimize an economic model.

This book brings together the ideologies of Mahesh M. Bhave. He explains that competition is something to be exploited. A competitive landscape is a door that opens up new sectors every day.

And to develop your business, it is essential to use creativity and innovation. It is thanks to this methodology that economic references such as Apple, Nintendo or Lego have been able to climb into the ranks of the most powerful companies in the world.

A book title that should not be said in society on pain of a heated debate or you will be the only one to know that you are right and that the majority is wrong… Read it but avoid speaking about it in public!

7. The Richest Man In Babylon by George Samuel Clason

Start from nothing and become the richest in your city!

Why read this book?
This book tells the story of a man who became the richest in his town and shared his knowledge with the poor.

It will make you realize that your bad habits are counterproductive and take you away from your financial success.

A utopian view of the author suggests that the prosperity of the country depends on the personal financial prosperity of its citizens . We must believe that this individual does not live in France …

A very inspiring story for an entrepreneur who wants to project himself into his future as a successful entrepreneur!

8. Elon Musk – Ashlee Vance

Take the expressway to wealth!

Why read this book?
It is with passion and enthusiasm that Ashlee Vance portrays Elon Husk, one of the greatest leaders in the industrial world. At only 46 years old, Elon Musk has managed to build Tesla, a renowned automotive industry, SpaceX, a potential competitor of Arianespace, and Paypal the online payment service par excellence, known worldwide.

Elon Musk’s life is traced from his childhood in South Africa to his current unmistakable entrepreneurial successes. The author not only recounts the leader’s prowess, but also inspires readers and highlights the evolution of industrial models.

This book is made to become a better entrepreneur from a short to medium term point of view!

9. How to make friends from Nate Nicholson

Develop quality relationships to boost your life as an entrepreneur!

Why read this book?
Our relationships with others are decisive for our quality of life!

These qualities are a major asset to get out of your comfort zone:

  • Create sympathy
  • Getting your ideas across
  • Know how to motivate
  • Correct without spoiling a working relationship

This book, useful for everyone, whatever age or profession, will give you all the advice to develop quality human relations, essential for professional and personal efficiency .

Dale Carnegie is the global leader in continuing education , specializing in training in communication, leadership, sales, management and public speaking.

Relationships and networks are the key to any entrepreneur who wants to have a lively and above all positive mindset!

10. Chad Hett & Jase Souder Secrets of Real Estate

Building Your Financial Freedom and Ensuring A Comfortable Retirement in 2020!

Why read this book?
Many people think that you have to be rich entrepreneurs to buy real estate. But in reality, you have to think the opposite!

Investing in real estate has always been one of the best technique for getting rich and gaining financial freedom .

It remains and will remain the safest and most profitable investment to place your money.

This book is the guide that will explain from A to Z how to build your financial freedom while ensuring you a comfortable retirement. No need to have a lot of money, just follow the steps and strategies in this book to guarantee you a very large passive income.

The dream of financial freedom within everyone’s reach with this book voted best in its category and which remains relevant at the start of 2020!

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that with this Top 10 of the best books for entrepreneurs you will be able to obtain the state of mind to become a great entrepreneur. In order to develop your business, Investing in the stock market, Investing … We also recommend that you take an interest in personal development that might interest you.