Toxic Girlfriend: Signs of A Toxic Girlfriend and How to Get Rid of Her?

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Toxic Girlfriend

A toxic girlfriend is a female best friend who tends to be manipulative in a relationship and provides endless opportunities for emotional discomfort and frustration. Toxic faces are characterized by low self-esteem, egocentrism, and envy. Usually a passive-aggressive behavior model is preferred. They are not able to empathize, sincerely rejoice, support.

A healthy friendship is based on parity, mutual assistance, empathy, willingness to help in difficult times, and listening skills. In toxic friendships, things are different. In it, one always feels devastated, discomfort after communicating with a toxic comrade, and the second asserts himself, self-exalts due to the humiliation of his partner.

Signs of A Toxic Girlfriend

Signs Of A Toxic Girlfriend
Signs of A Toxic Girlfriend

The human being is a social creation. This is why friendship is so important to people. However, if friendly interaction instead of joy brings heaviness, if an uncomfortable feeling constantly arises, if there is no support, then it is time to wonder if this is friendship.

Toxic relationships are relationships without balance. A destructive personality can only take, receive, devastate, without giving anything in return. Any interaction with a toxic subject is stressful.

How do you know if a friend is toxic? In a friendly interaction, it is important to be able to listen to and hear the other. For toxic women, there is no such thing as listening. All their attention is directed exclusively to their own person. They are ready to discuss only their affairs, personal problems, interests. When the conversation touches the interlocutor or an uninteresting topic, the destructive person seeks to quickly change it or leave, referring to unexpected urgent matters.

A toxic girlfriend should not be expected to be empathetic or supportive. It will not help in difficult circumstances. If the other side has any problems, she escapes. A destructive young lady cannot be trusted, shared experiences, told secrets, since she will not keep them.

A toxic girlfriend tells her friend to live with, to meet, communicate, be friends. She is not able to admit her own mistakes and mistakes in relationships, to rejoice in her friend’s successes, she is envious and sticky. All people periodically feel a bit of envy, but at the same time they can sincerely rejoice at the achievements or acquisitions of loved ones. But the jealousy of toxic girlfriends is destructive. They are simply unsettled by the success of a friend, they are angry and hurt with criticism.

Often toxic girlfriends tend to copy their girlfriends. They do the same haircut, dress similarly, imitate the manner of speaking.

There are other signs of a toxic girlfriend, the above are the most typical.

Behavior of Toxic Girlfriend

Behavior Of Toxic Girlfriend
Behavior of Toxic Girlfriend

Friendly interaction is disinterested and a priori implies closeness, trust, support. That is why it becomes so painful when faced with the betrayal of a dear friend.

Healthy friendships bring joy, comfort, and support, even in the face of fleeting quarrels or misunderstandings. But there is such a kind of friends, communication with whom they plunge into the abyss of melancholy, discomfort. They imperceptibly poison the life of the environment.

Often, young ladies do not know that there is a toxic girlfriend in their environment. The reason for this “blindness” is the usual wishful thinking for reality.

A toxic relationship with a friend is an unhealthy interaction that destructively affects both participants in the relationship.

There is no sincerity in the behavior of such persons. They can only use others. Toxic young ladies need girlfriends only when they feel bad or need help. However, they themselves are incapable of self-giving.

Destructive individuals are always negatively disposed, dumping, without embarrassment, the whole burden of problems and frustrations on the “victim” of such relationships.

Failures and black stripes, as well as glimpses in the gloomy sky, happen to everyone, but the described persons simply do not have light zones. They, of course, are, but it is more convenient for them to see everything in gray tones. Simply because it’s easier to manipulate the environment. Indeed, when a person’s whole life is a continuous black path, he arouses sympathy and, therefore, can shamelessly use the disposition, blindness and weakness of others.

Toxic girlfriends are ardent gossips who are unable to hold onto trusted information. They fish out this information only in order to tell it to others, and thereby increase their own importance in the eyes of the environment. However, worse than idle gossip is their ability to decorate trusted secrets with lies. They lie with inspiration, without thinking that they often cause irreparable damage to the reputation of their friends.

Toxic girlfriends should always feel superior. Friendly interaction for them is just a continuous competition. A friend bought a bicycle, then the destructive person will definitely get a motorcycle. She only needs self-affirmation and therefore she will not disdain anything, and the feelings of her loved ones do not bother her.

Destructive individuals are also characterized by being overly demanding of the environment. They are like children imprisoned in an adult body. They are ruled by the belief that everyone should be so beautiful and amazing. “Poisonous” young ladies do not accept refusals. In friendly relationships, they tend to shift responsibility for their personal life onto their chosen victim friends.

How to Communicate with Her?

How To Communicate With Her?
How to Communicate with Her?

Many people mistakenly believe that friendships should be around the clock. This belief is fundamentally wrong. Although a person is a social “product”, in addition to the need for communication, he still has personal interests, business aspirations, hobbies, and the need for solitude.

Ideal friendly interaction is based, first of all, on mutual respect, which implies the recognition of the partner’s freedom. Toxic individuals have no concept of personal freedom at all. And this is a serious problem that requires an immediate solution.

What if a friend becomes toxic? Often, people begin to poison the lives of loved ones when their own existence ceases to satisfy them. As a rule, young ladies are transformed into destructive girlfriends, seeking to compensate for the empty content of their own lives.

In this case, the “poisonous” girlfriend may not realize the toxicity of her behavior and the groundlessness of claims. Since she is convinced that she is acting quite consistently – she takes the initiative, calls, insists on meetings. Formally, such a person does not directly harm and does not wish her friend bad things, therefore, it is rather problematic to accuse her of obsession. It is psychologically difficult to push away a friend who is showing supposedly good intentions.

First of all, in order to get out of the position of the victim, you should stop being afraid to refuse. If it is inconvenient to talk to your girlfriend now, you need to notify her about it.

It is also recommended to outline for her certain rules of the relationship, the observance of which is necessary.

You don’t need to blame your friend’s discontent or resentment on your own shoulders. Resentment is a person’s reaction to a certain event, which he chooses on his own. In other words, to be offended or not – the person decides for himself. Taking offense is not constructive. If certain actions of a friend upset, then it is fruitful for the individual and the relationship in general, to explain to him that his behavior caused pain, to discuss the situation and reach mutual understanding.

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How to Get Rid of A Toxic Girlfriend?

How To Get Rid Of A Toxic Girlfriend?
How to Get Rid of A Toxic Girlfriend?

If it was not possible to direct the relationship with the obsessive personality, then you should think about their termination.

Below are some guidelines on how to get rid of a toxic girlfriend. And first of all, you need to figure out whether the interaction is destructive. It is quite easy to understand this by analyzing the above-stated signs of “poisonous” girlfriends.

If the analysis has led to an awareness of destructiveness, existing relationships, then it is necessary to understand what connects with this person for a given period and determine what emotions are generated by contact with her. Any concern should be noted here that will contribute to understanding what is happening in reality and will help motivate you to take large-scale actions.

After that, it is recommended to discuss your own conclusions with a toxic friend using specific examples, to explain to her that this is unacceptable in the future if she wants to maintain a friendly relationship. Often, after such a frank conversation, there comes an awareness of the wrongness of their own actions and sincere repentance. If this has not happened, then a clear framework for interaction should be established.

You need to understand that it will take time to change the behavioral pattern of a “poisonous” friend. After all, she did not become a destructive person in an hour, and therefore she cannot change so quickly.

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