Trust in Life: The Role of Trust in A Person’s Life

Trust In Life

Trust plays a key role in the life of every person, because it is on it that most of all relationships are built. Today I would like to make out the term trust, and also find out what is the difference between faith and gullibility. We will discuss the importance of trust in life and various spheres of relations between people and will certainly touch upon the problem of mistrust. Not every person knows about what methods of building and returning trust exist, therefore we will analyze this point as well.

At the end of the article, we will tell you about some recommendations that will help not only inspire confidence in others, but also help maintain it for years to come.

What is Trust: The Meaning of The Term

Trust is an important indicator of the quality of relationships between people. This is the foundation of all social institutions. Business, personal, family relationships are based on it. Trust is always present in positive relationships, but just one rash act can ruin everything. Most often this concept is used to characterize relationships between people, but you can also trust yourself and the world. It is based on instincts and experience gained during life.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of trust: In a relationship, this is absolute confidence in the honesty, openness, reliability and integrity of a partner. To yourself – confidence in the correctness of decision-making, the ability not to succumb to manipulation and healthy self-esteem. Trusting the world, the person understands that all situations only happen for the best, she takes lessons from life situations and uses them to make decisions in the future.

Trust, Faith and Gullibility: What’s the Difference

Trust In Life

Differentiating faith and trust can be quite difficult, since one can flow from the other. A person believes the words of another person if he trusts him, but there are significant differences in these concepts. For trust, some kind of foundation, evidence of honesty is very important. For faith, doubting something, making a test is unacceptable. Trust is associated with real objects – information or people. At the same time, belief is often manifested in relation to abstract, intangible objects, such as belief in the aura or the supernatural.

Gullibility is primarily a characteristic of a person, not a relationship. This is a character trait, the tendency of a person to trust someone or something, in most cases without any reason. Often this concept is used in a negative way, as the same as “rose-colored glasses”. But the latter is more of a vision of the world in a positive light, and negative moments or deception are not noticed.

What is Trust in A Relationship?

A person is a social being, so relationships are an integral part of his life. It is important to maintain trust in interpersonal relationships. But not all people know and even understand how to communicate correctly in society. Others have no idea what is an important tool for a healthy relationship. Trust plays a huge role in all areas:

  • Romantic;
  • Business;
  • Family;
  • Friendly.

It is difficult to imagine a harmonious couple, where partners do not trust each other, are constantly jealous, suspected of lying. Such a relationship will not last long, and if it does, it will definitely not bring any pleasure.

It is also important to trust your business partners, colleagues or your subordinates. For a manager, trusting relationships in the team are the key to a strong, successful company. For employees – the opportunity to work calmly and safely.

Trust In Life

Family relationships are based on a foundation of different values, but trust is almost the first place. The first person to whom a person will turn to in case of any difficulties is his relative. The ability to trust forms strong, friendly families in which self-confident children grow up.

But also, in friendship. By trusting, a person essentially lets a stranger into his life, tells a friend his secrets and experiences. With a friend, you can discuss what they will not understand at work and do not want to talk to loved ones. A friend will always help out of a difficult situation. But only if trust has been formed in the relationship.

Thus, trust is one of the main ways to live comfortably in modern society.

The Problem of Mistrust: Why It Arises

When there is no trust, then to some extent it leads to loneliness. Mistrust is based on fear arising from some unpleasant event in the past. Often people stop trusting for the following reasons:

  • a lie of someone close to you;
  • betrayal;
  • unfulfilled promises;
  • envy;
  • childhood injuries.

This is how the protective mechanism of our psyche works: to stop trusting means to always be ready for a blow. For many people, a defensive reaction is formed in childhood if parents made mistakes in upbringing, devalued the child’s experiences and did not know how to support him in a difficult situation. Growing up, such a child mechanically hides from potential offenders. This happens unconsciously, and sometimes a person himself does not even understand why he does not trust people.

How to Regain the Ability to Trust in Life?

As it became clear from the previous point, trust is very easy to lose. Based on this, the question arises, is it possible to restore trust in society and the surrounding world as a whole? It is quite possible to learn to build trusting relationships again. To do this, you need to do a lot of work on yourself, consisting of the following stages:

  1. Understand the reason for what is happening: after what event did you stop trusting?
  2. Be honest and live up to the trust of others.
  3. Get close to people. Spend more time with them, get to know their character better. After all, because of your fear, you may not even guess what good people are around.
  4. Make a list of examples where people have lived up to your trust. Every time you see the honesty, loyalty and benevolence of other people towards you, write it down on paper.
  5. If you were once hurt and did not live up to trust, this does not mean that there are no good people in the world. It’s just that now you need to be more attentive and learn a lesson from the past situation.

How to Build Trust with Others?

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There are few people in the world who trust everyone. To build trust, it is important that an innate or acquired instinct works in the human psyche. Most people trust those who:

  • familiar to them;
  • similar to themselves;
  • sacrifices something for the sake of others;
  • is an expert, an opinion leader;
  • demonstrates seriousness and responsibility.

Trust in life is also formed in relation to those in whom a person needs. For example, a child certainly trusts his parents. A seriously ill patient trusts a doctor who makes his life easier, etc.

In order for people to trust you, you need to demonstrate your reliability, say words of support at the right moment, and also help in some business. Do not forget to fulfill the promise, try to devote more time to the person, and also maintain not only communication, but also in other difficult situations.


Trust in life is really important in various areas of relationships. Honesty and fairness with a business partner leads to business growth, which is a positive thing. In family relationships, trust is a foundation that you must always work on, but in no case try to destroy. In relationships with children, trust also plays a huge role, because when a child sees a friend and authority in his parents, then communication and understanding becomes better. There are other areas in life where this indicator of the quality of the relationship is extremely necessary.

Based on all that has been said, it is important to understand that it is quite difficult to build trusting relationships, but you can lose trust in a second. We wish our readers not to be overly trusting, but at the same time to show trust in loved ones.

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