Unrealistic Beauty Standards: Why not Chase the Ideals of Beauty?

Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Modern society requires women to meet unrealistic beauty standards. Why don’t doll faces and a perfect figure bring happiness to their owners? Why it is important to preserve individuality, I will explain you in this article.

The Internet, magazines and other media are full of images of long-legged slender beauties with a model appearance. Elastic buttocks, healthy glowing skin, a shock of long shiny hair, a Barbie-like waist and a size 5 chest are indispensable attributes of the ideal modern woman. Good or bad?

I must say that no era has ever made such stringent requirements to the standards of female beauty. Both puffy beauties and semi-airy slender ladies were in fashion. But the new era has gone even further. It makes women make unprecedented transformations with their bodies.

What are Ideals?

Society always sets its own canons of beauty. They are dictated by certain trends in culture, fashion, socio-political situation, and so on. Now mass digital culture has gone as far as possible from realistic requests. Women are simply required to change, pervert their natural essence and physiology.

Unrealistic Beauty Standards
Beauty Standards

The ideal becomes anime or heroines of popular video games. A doll or a robot can be any externally beautiful creature. It is impossible for a real woman to compete with them. But it is necessary for the sake of male attention. And here all sorts of procedures, beauty injections, the most exotic methods come to the rescue. In an extreme case, a woman decides on the most serious step – plastic surgery.

Who makes them and why?

The most popular plastic surgery is breast augmentation, lip volume and buttocks reshaping. And it is not women with real defects or physiological defects that go under the knife. The most beautiful, as a rule, have the most complexes.

Why is all this needed?

Today every area of ​​life is commercialized. It is difficult to avoid the temptation to make money on the largest part of the world’s population. Women in their 20s and 40s are the main consumers of the beauty and fashion industries. They are solvent and subject to psycho-emotional impact. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world spend millions buying magic creams, trending bags and hair extensions.

Does the pursuit of appearance bring happiness?

Some women, thanks to their craving for beauty and the efforts of their boyfriends, have turned into dolls, a walking manual for plastic surgery. Looking at photos on Instagram, you understand that it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. They all look the same: with protruding cheekbones, large lips and eyes… But there is nothing in the eyes: no shadow of feeling, no emotion. A blank puppet look behind decorative lenses.

Do you think that really happy women have time to post their photos every 10 minutes of their lives, to report every step to strangers? Truly successful and self-confident women are engaged in themselves, what they love. They just have no time for showing pictures.

Why is the transformation of your own body dangerous?

So fashion is changeable. Today they wear mini, in a month – maxi. But the changing length of the skirt is not so terrible as the changing standards of beauty. You can change the dress, but what to do with the cut off nose, the changed volume of the chest, the legs stretched out on special knitting needles (for this purpose, bones are specially broken)? Even with a good ending, the consequences can be irreparable for appearance and health.

Unrealistic Beauty Standards
Unrealistic Beauty Standards

So, for example, one of my students, Olea, was firmly convinced that her beloved does not call down the aisle, because she is imperfect. To be perfect, you need to be like the modern “Instagrammers”. Olea first changed her nose (and began to snore to the great disappointment of her beloved), then she began to work on her chest and butt, but the operations were not very successful. The girl mutilated herself and her personality. Olea’s beloved at first wondered why she needed it, tried to dissuade. I didn’t listen. As a result: Olea was left without a ring, and at a broken trough. The beloved left with the words: “I don’t need a brother.”

By changing our appearance, we also change our destiny, our subtle energy. And this is already quite realistically manifested in character, health in the most sudden way. And the changes are often not in a positive direction. A person is sick, he is pursued by a series of failures, the closest people turn away.

The same goes for more harmless ways to change yourself. To bring your body to perfection with diets, buy a handbag worth two salaries, which every self-respecting fashionista should have – a modern woman has so many important things to do. And this pursuit of trends is simply overstepping all boundaries. You strive to be beautiful, in demand, but all this vanity devastates you and makes you unhappy.

Unrealistic Beauty Standards
Unrealistic Beauty Standards

As a result, a tired woman with bad hair, teeth, exhausted, energetically empty looks at you from the mirror. After all, you need to work on a new wardrobe, so there is no time for health and self-development. The result is exactly the opposite. No coat can replace the lack of topics for conversation with a woman. And the angry, always hungry girl then wonders why she is forced to sit in the corner, while her imperfect, plump, laughing friend is courted by several men.

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What to do if you want to be in demand with the opposite sex?

Upgrade not only the appearance. Often, men who are not at all popular are popular. However, there is something in them that makes men flock to them like moths on fire. This self-esteem, self-confidence, sense of humor, openness and naturalness, natural female attractiveness – everything that is included in the concept of “charisma”.

Unrealistic Beauty Standards
Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Beauty should be not only outside, but also in the soul. Good deeds, right thoughts, strong energy, a positive attitude only accompany success with the opposite sex. The real beauty secrets will not be written in a glossy magazine. They are thousands of years old and have been available to the most famous women in history.

And first, love yourself, believe in yourself. Be unique and unrepeatable. A sincere smile, open eyes, red lipstick, healthy teeth will attract more attention than all attempts to become the ideal of modern beauty. Give yourself and others more compliments, and very soon they will come back to you not only in the form of pleasant words, but also expensive gifts or a millionaire husband. Why not? 😉😉😉