What is Virtual Sex? Popular Types and Where to Start Communicating Online

Virtual Sex

Sometimes you may want to try something new, including sex. There are situations when the second half is far away, or it simply isn’t there.

In such and many other cases, virtual sex comes to the rescue. What is its essence, and how to do it? We will analyze it in more detail later.

What is Virtual Sex?

In short, it is also called “Wirth.” What does that mean? It is online virtual communication. However, this is not an ordinary correspondence created to discuss work moments or life situations. Such conversations are sexual; that is, it is sex on the Internet, which is carried out through correspondence or other means of communication.

Partners are at a distance, which allows them to behave more relaxed and get rid of complexes that usually occur in reality. It will enable you to get to know yourself from a new side, to reveal hidden potential. In addition, it is effortless to forget about actual problems with the help of this type of intimacy.

Wirth and Psychology

Psychologists have not come to a consensus regarding virtual sex.

Most of them consider this entertainment not so harmless, and if you resort to it more than once a week, this may indicate a mental health problem.

Today there are three forms of virtual reality, namely:

  • Infidelity as its modern interpretation.
  • Self-gratification equated to masturbation.
  • Addiction smoothly turning into a nervous breakdown.

The main thing is not to get too carried away with Wirth to not forget about genuine relationships. It is a property of sexuality and should not be confused with viewing pornography.

Many people use such a sexual experience to try a novelty with their other half in real life; for some, it comes down to foreplay, and for others, it can be a way to avoid real cheating.

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Is Virtual Sex Cheating?

Is Virtual Sex Cheating?

To answer this question, you first need to figure out the possible options for a person engaged in Wirth. The classification is as follows:

  • Episodic attempts.
  • Lack of excitement and the use of Wirth only for pleasure but do not affect real relationships.
  • Addiction to online sex.
  • Pathology, the result of which is the rupture of relations with loved ones.
  • A way to escape reality.

Based on this classification, psychologists note that virtual sex can be considered treason if it is a stage of addiction, pathology.

In isolated cases, when a person wants to get a kind of sexual experience and diversify genuine relationships, this cannot be treason.

Good or Bad?

Lovers of virtual sex are most often young people, adolescents. Due to the lack of experience or fear of real sex, shyness, or the game of hormones, this kind of intimate life is beneficial. After the appearance of a real partner, this infatuation usually goes away.

Older people resort to virtual when they have problems in the family; they are unlucky in marriage. In this way, they try to get away from solving real problems, which can lead to undesirable consequences, including physical or mental disorders.

Don’t substitute online sexuality for reality. Then it will not give any negative result.

It is impossible to determine for sure whether this is good or bad. The main thing is not to plunge entirely into the world of sexual illusions. Practitioners highlight some of the positive aspects of virtual sex, which are as follows:

  • Inability to contract diseases, including HIV.
  • A way to relieve sexual tension.
  • Removal of gender distinctions.
  • Getting rid of shyness.
  • Experience gain.
  • The ability to make love with multiple partners.
  • Development of imagination and sexual fantasy.

Types of Virtual Sex

Types Of Virtual Sex

Thanks to the development of technologies and the availability of the Internet, Wirth is possible in several ways:

SMS and Chats. Description of actions occurs in the form of correspondence. To maintain anonymity, you can create separate accounts.

Using IP Telephony and Telephone. Communication is a form of conversation.

Online Webcams. This option is suitable for those who are not shy about their business and prefer action. Skype is ideal for this (text and video messenger Skype, you can install it on your smartphone and communicate in your favorite places).

Special Video Chat Sites, where, in addition to entertainment, you can still make great money by arranging live webcam shows and getting cash for Wirth.

Wirth’s Rules

Any business should have its own rules. There is no exception to this for online sex. The safety of the participants is guaranteed if the following points are met:

  • Do not provide personal information such as name, phone number, address, etc.
  • Discuss in advance the possibility of interrupting the conversation if it causes discomfort.
  • Remove personal belongings when using video chat.

Where Can You Do Wirth?

For this activity, you always want to find a suitable partner with experience who will not make claims or blackmail in the end. The best option would be to start with compliments, melodic phrases.

There are dating sites for this. It is enough to set the desired parameters and find a match for yourself by inviting someone interested to chat online.

Where to directly conduct the conversation is left to everyone’s discretion. It can be done both at home and work.

It should be a secluded place, a private room. A bathroom might also work well.

How to Do It?

Beginners should create an intimate atmosphere for practicing with. Candles, wine, calm soulful music will help in this case.

When choosing a partner, it is essential to rely on your tastes. Moreover, in practice, girls make better choices.

It is necessary to respond to the partner’s actions to reward him in return with affection. When your partner is describing, then this is an excellent time to play with yourself. It is recommended to end the session with a pleasant compliment.

Attention! During communication, it is essential to monitor the words so as not to offend your partner accidentally.

Virtual Sex Techniques?

Virtual Sex Techniques

Wirth is a kind of model of genuine relationships, so foreplay is also included here. First, you need to flirt and maybe flirt, get to know, to know each other. To do this, you should ask about tastes, preferences, find common ground, including shared interests, for example, in music, cinema.

Interestingly, flirting doesn’t necessarily translate into intimacy. You can select several candidates, communicate with them simultaneously, and only then decide with whom you want to have virtual sex.

Techniques also exist here, as in real life:

  • Pre-communicate, find out the interests of the partner.
  • Use a decryption program that will delete the chat after the conversation and restrict access to blackmailers.
  • It is unacceptable to discuss appearance, weight, size; otherwise, the excitement will disappear.
  • It is recommended to terminate the session in case of rude or suspicious behavior of the interlocutor.
  • Use more words instead of emojis and icons.
  • It is advisable to provide a sexy look in video communication.

When communicating, you need to use more colorful and varied words to describe your actions. When talking on the phone, girls should practice making a sexy and soft voice in advance.


As with real sex, there are also sex toys in virtual sex. The most popular are:

  • The device simulates touch sensations, skin temperature without having a body and face.
  • Hello Touch. The attachments are put on the fingers and serve as a substitute for the vibrator.
  • It is divided into a vibrating ring for men and a vibrator for women. With the help of vibration from the computer, a signal is transmitted from one toy to another.
  • Little Luma. Compact vibrator.

How to Diversify Wirth?

There is always the opportunity to develop new stories that I would like to bring to life and then talk about my feelings for a change.

You can describe the actions on the roof of the house when a cool breeze flows through the body and passionate kisses sink lower and lower, slowly undressing each other.

For fans of extreme sports, you can fantasize about sex in a crowded place, at work, in an elevator. Making love in a clearing after an exciting walk in the woods would also be a compelling option.

Is Virtual Sex Dangerous?

Despite the many positive aspects of such intimacy, there are also dangerous moments:

  • The likelihood of psychological dependence, as a result of which virtual sex can replace genuine relationships.
  • It is possible to blackmail a partner who will record the session.
  • There is a risk of contact with a minor.
  • The likelihood of falling for a pedophile, which can disturb the psyche of an inexperienced teenager.


Thus, virtual sex is allowed to replace actual actions of an intimate nature at a distance. It has both positive and negative sides.

The main thing for getting pleasure is not to forget that genuine relationships should form the basis and can only sometimes add variety and give the necessary experience.