A Sure Way to Achieve Your Goals

Way To Achieve Your Goals

Many of us remember how some time ago the world was overwhelmed by the “greatest” insight: by controlling our thoughts, we become able to find a sure way to achieve your goal. A documentary film “Secret” (“Secret”) and a book (of the same name) were released, which quickly gained popularity in the world: most people really liked the thought “I can finally achieve everything I want” … well, like, you just need to wish it very concentratedly.

The “creators” of this fascinating concept, along with the fact that everything desired is truly achievable, “missed” an important detail – everything that you desire, in most cases, is not achieved in this life… ), what comes from where and why this is so – this is a specific topic that we will talk about in future articles.

Way to Achieve Your Goals

For people possessing Knowledge, such “news” did not become some kind of discovery, since the principle of 100% concentration of one’s vital forces on one specific goal has been practiced by representatives of various spiritual systems since time immemorial. This principle is based on spiritual culture and used with a scientific approach.

This principle is guaranteed to work, since it is connected with the higher universal forces, therefore, it is in full accordance with the laws of nature, which in turn always leads to the achievement of what we want with you.

I will give an example of how this happens in spiritual practices. If a person is going to conduct some kind of spiritual ceremony, read a prayer, etc., before starting it is necessary to focus on his desire.

In fact, for the sake of which this action will be performed; and at the end of these ceremonies – whether it be a pilgrimage, performing a ritual, observing fasting, repeating a mantra prayer, bathing in a sacred river, or any other spiritual action – you need to again focus on your goal and voice to the universal forces that if your actions were successful, then let the fruits of such humble spiritual activity grant the performers the receiving of the coveted fruits.

Way To Achieve Your Goals
Way to Achieve Your Goals

The secret key that activates this technology to action is hidden in not letting one’s own ambitions “out of focus”. This requires:

  • A person is required to concentrate 100% on one goal, literally to become, to become a person who breathes this idea;
  • Use a proven way to achieve your goals (which is described in spiritual treatises and confirmed by previous generations of people);
  • Contact the right address for help and guidance (mentor, coach, spiritual teacher, etc.).

That is, to put it allegorically, we need 3 things: a reliable ship, an experienced captain and a fair wind.

In fact, it often happens that modern women, being in the endless ocean of their desires, are trying to swim to the far desired shore on a leaky vessel, flowing at all the seams, without a sail, navigator and strong oars…

Therefore, it is said that when we do something in our spiritual activity with a firm intention (in Sanskrit this is called sankalpa), such actions bear specific fruits, rather than the same actions that were performed on autopilot, without a clear focus on the goal, without clear understanding, especially without a concrete tangible desire and full concentration on the final product – no matter material or spiritual.

Way To Achieve Your Goals
Way to Achieve Your Goals

As already mentioned in passing above, this technology is called the “sankalpa method” (Skt. “Intention, decision”) – it is a way to direct all your thoughts, desires and sensations at the moment – and direct it in a focused form to one specific desire, which now is the most important thing for you.

It is like a shot by a good sniper, for whom all the surrounding reality (forms, sounds, vanity and sensations) simply go out, disappear, and only consciousness remains, focused on the only target that he sees in the optical sight.

Once, while communicating with an Ayurvedic doctor, I wanted to receive instructions on how to maintain my health at a good level. I figured he would advise something about a vegetarian diet, specific yogic exercises, and a clean lifestyle. I made a mistake…

“The most important thing,” warned Dr. Vishwam (that was the name of the doctor), “is a powerful sankalpa, your firm willful decision. All the best drugs and treatments will be ineffective without this internal adjustment. On the other hand, with such a tuned sankalpa, you don’t need to do anything more.

He looked into my eyes, trying to figure out if I had caught the thought he was saying. I got it. What I heard impressed me so much that I decided to dig deeper into this topic. What I managed to learn during my “investigation” of this little-known topic. In the meantime, I would like to recommend you, my dear readers, the following:

Right now, do a little inner work. Write down your 9 strongest desires. Select the 3 most important for yourself at the moment. Think about what unites them and what could contribute to their early implementation? The results of this analysis are your sankalpa.

The Best Way to Achieve Your Goals

Way To Achieve Your Goals
Way to Achieve Your Goals

Once in the spiritual treatise “Moksha-gita” I read a warning about the wrong way of making decisions:

“Like a silkworm trapped in its own cocoon, a person falls into the endless net of birth and death because of his own sankalpa and desires”.

Bhagwat Gita

The text goes on to explain how our mind comes up with endless wishes and then finds ways to implement them. This method of embedded affirmations puts strong anchors in our heart and binds our immortal spiritual individuality (soul, higher “I”) to this material world. This method of embedded affirmations is the sankalpa I mentioned in the previous article – a vivid mental image in our mind.

Some contradiction arises, it seems like a spiritual method is used, and a material effect occurs – attachment and all the “charms” that it carries with it. This article is a short analysis followed by guidelines for using this simple yet powerful spiritual technology to help you progress towards your goals. Let’s deal with this once and for all.

All our actions can be divided into material and spiritual, that is, actions that bring temporary results and results beyond the control of the time factor. Any realization of your goal can lead, respectively, to joy or disappointment (if the fruit of your efforts turned out to be, for example, short-lived). Entropy (the process of natural movement of ordered particles in the direction of chaos) or decay, to which everything in this world is subject. In this article, I will share a powerful technique for spiritualizing your life and the way to achieve your goals.

Our material desires and subsequent actions, in most cases, generate a causal relationship or, to put it in a simple way, karma, from which you cannot easily escape. It is this karma that is our shackle bracelets that keep us in this world. But, if the same desires and subsequent actions are performed in an unselfish mindset, in a state of bestowing love, the same actions and desires that were previously the cause of our bondage destroy the tree of our karma, giving us freedom of action.

Way To Achieve Your Goals
Way to Achieve Your Goals

In one of the ancient texts, which is called the Bhagavatam Purana, one can come across the following question: “O kind soul, does not that which causes it cure the disease if it is used as a medicine?”

For example, dairy products sometimes cause intestinal upset, but the same milk in the form of sour milk, mixed with certain medicinal substances, heals from it. Similarly, our material activities alone cannot alleviate the suffering of this life. Our actions must be spiritualized, just as gold in a smelting furnace is heated and itself begins to act like fire. Even daily activities such as brushing your teeth can be spiritualized if it is associated with God or the Absolute Truth.

In the treatise “Yoga Upanishads” there are the following words: “Thanks to spiritual consciousness, the donor, the offering, the acceptance of the sacrificial gift, the priest, or the one who directly performs the sacrifice, as well as the final result of the sacrifice – everything becomes identical to the Absolute, the Supreme Brahman.”

The spiritual method of the sankalpa is like a bow that a shooter uses to send an arrow beyond his own limited abilities. It should be borne in mind that this method is therefore considered powerful, since it forces us to act and at the same time leave the zone of our usual comfort, which, like a poison mixed into food, kills our natural activity.

Sankalpa technology breathes enthusiasm into us and ideally provides us with a strong inner connection with the Absolute Truth in our heart. In difficult periods of our lives, the sankalpa shows us the route to the goal like a beacon in a dark raging sea. But we must treat it correctly, treat it like a good friend, and constantly work on her development. That is, the sankalpa method is a very individual, one might say, piece work. And, as a consequence, a natural question arises – but how to find and form your own sankalpa?

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Way To Achieve Your Goals
Way to Achieve Your Goals

Spiritual or individual sankalpa grows from our heart, where fateful desires arise. It can be said that it is a desire behind many other desires.

To all readers of this blog, I will reveal a simple, but very effective method that has been tested by time and proven best way to achieve your goals. This method will help you find your personal sankalpa.

  • Action 1: Find a quiet place and calm time so that the noise and bustle of thoughts do not bother you.
  • Action 2: Go to the back of your mind and ask yourself what really matters to you right now. Here you can recommend reading some sacred text (or prayer) in order to tune in to worthwhile and sublime things.

Recommendation: If you come into contact with a real, spiritual sankalpa, you will immediately feel within yourself a clear “yes” or some kind of inspiring feeling. If these symptoms do not appear, keep asking your mind further until the stone of your question sinks to the bottom of your subconscious. There is guaranteed to have an answer for you. Write down the sankalpa found.

  • Action 3: Return to your normal state of consciousness and coordinate your actions with your individual sankalpa.
  • Action 4: Ask the Universal Forces for help, share your sankalpa with loved ones. After that, a miracle awaits you.

However, it is necessary to prepare for the imminent life tests.

On the stage of life, we often have to go through tests, and such tests are designed to serve, above all, our interests. Tests like these are designed to reinforce our courage towards our goal. When your sankalpa is tested for truth, remember more often that your life is a unique super gift, and that, for this very reason, you must walk your unique path. That is, you cannot constantly compare yourself with someone and live someone else’s life all the time. Only you have unique fingerprints among all living people – so your sankalpa can be very special.

Way To Achieve Your Goals
Way to Achieve Your Goals

In obtaining your personal sankalpa, you need the quality of determination. And to practice this sense of purpose, you must begin with turning to the Universe for help, if you are not sure of the veracity of your sankalpa or are unable to open it in yourself for one reason or another. A short, intimate phonetic formula will help you attract your sankalpa. It is better to say it before bed for 10-15 minutes or immediately after waking up.

“O Universal Mind, I offer You everything that I do in accordance with my nature, body, words, mind, feelings, mind and purified consciousness. I offer all this to You – for Your pleasure.”

Formula Appeal or Prayer

We live in a world of constant change. Here only impermanence is permanent. Therefore, managing your life force and your destiny on the planet is very difficult. However, when you give birth to your sankalpa, all the forces of nature begin to go towards you, and all the variability and impermanence of this world around you becomes the greatest chance for your new life.

If what is written in this article was felt by you and you have something to share with, write about it in the comments under this article. I am very interested in your experiences and your opinion on the technology of sankalpa.