Most Effective Ways to Self Improvement within 1 Month

Ways To Self Improvement

Self-improvement requires a high degree of awareness and consistency. It is not without reason that they say that in order to stay in place one must run, but to move one must run with all his might. It is continuous self-improvement that allows a person to achieve their goals through the development of their skills, abilities and inclinations, increasing knowledge.

A person can improve thanks to the ability of our nervous system to adapt, as well as his ability to reflect and self-esteem. And if the motives for development can be completely different, then understanding the need for constant development is a prerequisite for any person.

PathThatFits is engaged in the study of issues of self-improvement – a science that studies existing mechanisms, as well as patterns that ensure the possibility of achieving the maximum high level of development of the personality of each person. PathThatFits postulates that the main growth of a personality is its creativity and professionalism, or the ability to creatively comprehend its activities.

Personal Development Affects Several Areas:

Self-Knowledge – a person immerses himself in himself, studies what he does best, and what is worse, realizes his individuality. There is an awareness of the reasons for which certain events took place in life, and also an understanding of what conclusions can be drawn from them;

Self-Affirmation – is the process of accepting oneself and one’s position in society. If a person has valuable qualities and skills, it will be much easier to get approval than if the desire to assert himself has no objective grounds;

Self-Development – a person’s desire to realize their own goals and dreams, combined with the desire to develop and grow;

Self-Actualization is the search for a niche by a person in society, awareness of the purpose of existence. The most difficult stage of the self-improvement process, since it is at this stage that the concept of personality is formed.

Self-Realization is one of the highest degrees of personality development, which implies a formed idea of ​​one’s place in life, rational and appropriate use of skills and abilities, the ability and desire to share experience and knowledge.

There are two ways to improve yourself.

The first is to find and eradicate your own shortcomings, the second way involves accepting yourself and developing your strengths. Both methods have their pros and cons.

Finding and eradicating flaws requires a very precise definition of what is a flaw – what quality requires processing? After all, each person is individual and what is unacceptable for one, for another will be the key to a long and happy life. So, you need to be careful and monitor all the time if the fundamental part of the personality is destroyed under the guise of a false target. But on the other hand, this method helps to develop remarkable willpower.

The second method is based on the awareness of the value of the whole person. Therefore, not a single quality requires destruction, but it is only necessary to develop new abilities and skills. Each new desire of a person contains energy for its embodiment, therefore, doing everything to achieve it, a person will experience an emotional uplift. The peculiarity of this method is that you can always become even better, which means that you cannot reach the end point of development.

Self-Realization of Personality

Ways To Self Improvement
Ways to Self Improvement

Each personality is unique in its own way. The life path of an individual person can never be repeated. But if the length of our life is predetermined from above, then its width depends only on us. And here many have a problem and it lies in the self-realization of a person as a person. Some manage to find their niche, others spend their whole lives in search, and still others live their best years in vain. How to find yourself and reach your full potential? We will talk about this now.

Psychology of Personality Self-Realization

Ways To Self Improvement
Ways to Self Improvement

Self-realization is not only a process of personal improvement and self-knowledge. It is also the result of constant growth and work with inner potential. People who were able to realize their inner resources are usually said to have taken place in life. However, for this to happen, a person must constantly develop. Psychological problems of personality self-realization lie in the discrepancy between the energy and intellectual potential of a person and the degree of its actualization. In other words, due to various life circumstances, the true potential of an individual may not coincide with the final result of his activity. This often leads to feelings of dissatisfaction with one’s own life. Despite this, the need for self-realization persists in every individual and this phenomenon has been studied for a long time by the leading psychologists of the world.

In his studies, S.L. Rubinstein came to the conclusion that motives are the main mechanism of personality formation. They are manifested in the thoughts and actions of a person. If, for example, a person takes responsibility, courage in making decisions and works with his fears, then later these actions will take root in his consciousness in the form of certain character traits. As a result, all new properties will be linked into a single system, with the help of which a person can, or vice versa, will not be able to reveal himself.

K. Rogers distinguished two types of personality:

  • fully functioning;
  • unadopted.

However, his other colleague S. Maddy compared several theories of personality and took the following characteristics of a full-fledged person as a basis in his studies:

  • creativity – without it, the life realization of the personality is impossible;
  • the principle “here and now” – includes the mobility of the individual, its high adaptability and spontaneity in decision-making;
  • freedom of action in all life situations – a feeling of control over your life.

Personal Self-Realization Strategies

Ways To Self Improvement
Ways to Self Improvement

Self-realization is a process that lasts throughout a person’s life. It becomes possible only when the person himself is aware of his abilities, interests and needs. In other words, a person’s whole life is built on a chain of actions aimed at self-realization and achieving life goals. To take place in life, it is important to make efforts that consist of certain strategies. The implementation of these strategies is the main condition for the self-realization of the individual.

With a change in a person’s age, his needs change, which means that goals and life strategies also change. For example, in adolescence, a person begins to determine the choice of professional activity, and many at first begin to resolve issues of personal life. When the first stage of self-realization is reached and a person has acquired a family and a profession, correction and modification of strategies begins. When the need to find a position leaves, adaptation to this position, environment, etc. begins. As for the family, something similar happens there. Strategies are chosen by the individual, taking into account age, character and needs. Although there are often cases when the principle of “here and now” works, when a person does not have time to think or the benefit of the action that has turned up is obvious.

Ways of Personality Self-Realization

Ways To Self Improvement
Ways to Self Improvement

A reasonable question arises – what are the ways of personality self-realization? What tools does a person use to achieve social recognition and take their place in life? It’s actually pretty simple. Every day we reveal ourselves in work, in hobbies and hobbies, and recently a new way of self-realization has appeared – a global network and the world information space. However, the main and main means through which all human potential passes is creativity. Psychologists believe that only creative activity can lead a person to supernormal activities without pursuing any specific goal. In other words, creativity is a voluntary activity on which a person is ready to spend all his energy in order to prove himself and his capabilities. But what motivates a person for long and painstaking work on himself? These are usually well-known and universal values, needs and mechanisms:

  • the need for respect and recognition in the group;
  • the need for the development of intelligence;
  • desire to have a family and offspring;
  • desire to achieve success in sports or simply to become strong and healthy;
  • the need for a prestigious profession and work with good earnings;
  • desire to constantly improve oneself and one’s abilities;
  • striving to take a worthy place in life and in society;
  • desire to get rid of bad habits and raise the level of demands on oneself.

As you can see, the driving forces of personality self-realization are quite simple. But only when more than half of these motives a person has already been able to achieve and satisfy, we can say that he is a full-fledged personality. This means that the process of self-realization can go to infinity. Human ideals are priceless, but striving for them is a thousand times more valuable.