What To Do Interesting If It’s Boring To Sit At Home During Covid-19 Pandemic

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Boaring Days During Covid-19

Weekends are not always rich and interesting. It so happens that the weather or other circumstances frustrate and boring plans, and sitting at home without an interesting activity becomes unbearably boring. To do this, you need to get acquainted with what boredom is : to recognize the enemy in the face and overcome him. To fight in such cases, people begin to come up with ways to diversify their leisure time. Sometimes you just need a couple of outside ideas to turn the dreary hours of sitting at home into a fun pastime.

What to do if you’re bored at home

If you are sick with boredom, sitting alone in four walls, we will help you find the right medicine. So what do you do when boredom gets you?

Learn new

Reading a new book about space, clay modeling, educational online lectures – everything related to gaining new skills and knowledge will not only help you get rid of boredom, but also increase your level of erudition and mastery. Fortunately, you can always find a lot of interesting master classes and courses on the network.

Conduct a wardrobe audit

It’s time to put yourself and the space around you in order. Start with your wardrobe. Still, it is not in vain that they are “greeted by clothes”. See what things are high time to get rid of, what is the time to buy, etc. Combine looks for the upcoming season so as not to get ready in a hurry, but always know what and with what to wear on occasion.

Play rhythmic music at full volume and just dance the way you can. Nobody sees you, and you can do whatever you want. This will not only have a beneficial effect on your physical tone, but also increase the production of endorphins and you will be provided with a positive mood for the rest of the day! To while away the time usefully, start learning a dance. Surely, you have preferences in dance directions, and video tutorials will come to the rescue.

Chat with other people in online chats

Today in the vastness of the network there are a huge number of resources where you can meet new people. Surely among them there will be the same bored. You can also combine pleasant communication with the practice of a foreign language. Chatting with native speakers is one of the easiest ways to learn English . Many special sites have been created for learning languages ​​and exchanging language knowledge. For example Puzzle-English , Skyeng, or LinguaLeo . We recommend Puzzle-English among the listed programs .

Do yoga and stretching

Yoga is a hobby for the body and for the soul, and only a few can boast of effective twine. Such a pastime will be the prevention of many health problems, because, as you know, performing asanas strengthens the spine, helps to eliminate toxins and relieve muscle blocks. It is also an effective way to relieve tension and stress.

Learn to cook a new dish

As a rule, on weekdays, the time for cooking is critically short, so we often cook in a hurry. One has only to imagine how many nationalities there are in the world and what a variety of dishes that we have not yet had time to taste! Find a new unusual recipe for yourself, cook, and then evaluate your culinary delights while watching your favorite movies. In the future, you can surprise your guests with delicious exoticism.

Throw a party

Gather friends at home. Invite your loved ones to dinner, throw a small house party. Then you will definitely not be bored, because you will need to prepare the house for the arrival of guests, and even have time to cook that very exotic dish that you already wanted to eat alone!

Create a collage of desires

An exciting and creative activity. We all love to dream and want our dreams to come true one fine moment. Make yourself a motivation collage! Take old magazines / newspapers / brochures, Whatman paper, glue, scissors and markers. Instead of markers, pencils, paints, or colored pens will work. Surrender to your dizzying fantasies about the future and reflect them on whatman paper with the help of available means!

Then it can be hung in a conspicuous place as a motivational poster. It will turn out to be a kind of collage-antilenium = D To have time to do the most on the way to your goals, learn 25 rules of competent time planning.

Make a map of interesting places in your city

Print out a map of your city and mark all the most interesting places on it. You can create your own classification: places for such and such a mood, places with free admission or places where you can actively relax. A change of scenery always helps with blues and boredom . Next time, when melancholy attacks you, you will not have to puzzle over where to hide from this beast. The rescue card will be at your fingertips!

What to do when two are bored

It so happens that there are two of you at home, but a boring mood covered both. There is a way out of this situation too!

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Read the book

Yes, together. Sometimes it is more interesting and exciting than diving into what was written alone. You can choose any book you would like to read, and then recite the chapter aloud, after discussing what you read.

Give each other a massage

Enjoyable time with an open ending. Give each other a tactile pleasure! You can open video tutorials and master the basic massage techniques. Face, back, head, feet – massage of each part of the body as a separate art form!

Have a culinary duel

Everyone loves to eat well, but you need to know how to cook well. Grab some new recipes and create your own Hell’s Kitchen! The cooking process is very close, and the competitive element will add zest to this action. Think of an award for the winner in advance.

Come up with funny and interesting contests. For example, who will be able to pronounce Chappy-Bunny longer and more clearly, stuffing his mouth with marshmallows, or who will have time to say more tongue twisters per minute.

Dress each other

Let everyone come up with an unusual outfit for their partner. Take things from your wardrobe and get creative. Don’t hold back, turn on your inner stylist. When the costumes are finished, go for a walk or dinner like this. A lot of emotions and laughter are guaranteed to you!

Take a bath

Take a bubble bath, light scented candles and enjoy each other’s company. The bath can be supplemented with a glass of wine or juice, depending on your preference. After the bath, have a romantic dinner or come up with your own spicy script for the evening.

Take a interesting trip without leaving your home

Open the world map, choose at random the country to which you “go”, and then create the atmosphere of this country at home from available means. Put on the music you want, come up with costumes, and then it’s your imagination. In addition, you can open a virtual 3D map of the city you need and take a walk along its streets or arrange a gastronomic journey, preparing dishes from these countries. Perhaps you will be inspired by the place where you decided to go on a comic adventure, and you will start packing your bags.

Plan a interesting joint vacation

So, the travel rehearsal went off with a bang. It’s time to plan a real trip. Think about where you would like to go on your upcoming vacation. Make plans together and think through the details and details of your trip. Pay special attention to the places that you will definitely need to visit so that your vacation is not boring. It brings you closer together as much as cooking!

Create together

Learn to play your favorite song on the guitar, paint a picture or make a humorous video after editing it. This will not only brighten up your leisure time, but also become a pleasant and warm memory.

When all family members are idle around the house, trying in vain to get rid of boredom, it’s time to unite against a common enemy.

Play interesting board games

Board games not only help kill boredom, many of them are educational in nature. So you can stock up on goodies, tea and start an exciting activity! One of the most exciting board games – Imaginarium – will brighten up the evening for the whole family. The main resource of the game is imagination, and therefore it will never get bored! A team of 4 to 7 people can imagine, and this video will teach you how to play the Imaginarium.

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Bake a cookie with riddles

Make a dough, pour it into the molds, and hide a small roll of puzzle paper in the center of each piece. Instead of riddles, you can think of interesting actions that will need to be performed by the person who takes the cookies. Thus, your tea drinking will turn into an exciting game!

Assemble the interesting puzzle

Another fun activity for the whole family. The idea with puzzles should appeal to both children and adults. You can take two sets of puzzles at the same time and arrange a competition: who will have time to complete the puzzle faster. Organize an honorary award for the winner.

Check out family photos

Get out old albums and immerse yourself in your family’s history. If you have photographs of great-grandparents and great-grandmothers, you can introduce children to their ancestors and roots. Arrange an educational trip into the past, remember interesting stories from your childhood and the childhood of your parents, backing it up with photographs.

Arrange a joint cleaning

The activity is useful, but far from the most interesting. Especially for small households, although this can be fixed. Turn cleaning into a fun game! Hide items in different rooms, imagine that you are pirates and went in search of treasures. True, in order to collect the entire chest and find all the parts of the treasure, you need to complete a number of tasks. For example, putting toys in a basket, putting things, etc. At the end, you can reward the treasure hunters with a sweet surprise.

Play the console

If you have a game console, then this is another way to diversify family leisure. The most interesting and entertaining option is the kinect attachment, when the movements of your body are transferred to the virtual character.

Organize baby pranks

Unleash your inner child! Kids will love the idea of ​​getting their hands dirty to paint on a Whatman paper, pillow fight, or water gun siege as they build barricades of furniture and books all over the house. True, this fun has another side of the coin, which is called cleaning. However, we have already described how you can make this process entertaining for all family members.

Draw each other

Write the names of each family member on the pieces of paper, mix and distribute to each in a circle. After that, all household members should portray the one who fell specifically to them. Just draw not a boring recognizable image, but a composite portrait of your associations. Then you can all together guess who is depicted in each illustration. In addition to the usual freehand drawing, you can create an image of a person from newspaper and magazine clippings. It will be even more exciting and interesting.

Have a interesting home theater

Let a few people be spectators and a few actors. Assign roles and create your own impromptu production. The audience can then switch places with the actors. Laughter in your home will be provided, at least it will not be boring for sure!

Come up with a quest

Arrange a quest within the house. Come up with a theme, choose an organizer among your family members. Let him write a story with intrigue and mystery. Make decorations and costumes, draw a map of the area. Maybe you need to find an enchanted ring in a castle or a mysterious box in the depths of a deep forest. Let the quest organizer leave clues, signs and set traps on the way to the goal. If you spice it up with your imagination, it will be very exciting! If there is not enough space at home, you can use the porch or garden area if you live in a private sector.

Maybe this article has inspired you with some interesting ideas for what to do when you’re bored. The main thing is not to succumb to the provocation of blues and apathy, which inevitably leads to laziness and doing nothing. Get rid of procrastination with our tips. Look for your working ways to overcome procrastination , because there are so many exciting things to do! Hurry up to try as much as possible, feel the joy of life and learning new things in every coming day!