Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?

Why Men Love Sex More Than Women?

Some women are seriously convinced that men are only interested in sex, and they don’t need anything else from women. And so they wonder why men need sex more than women? And do they only love sex, or is there something else that attracts them to women?

Well, firstly, lovely women, men love not only sex, and from women, in addition to sex, they often need a lot more, which they also need, and that, by the way, not all women can give a man.

Secondly, women also love sex, though not always as much as men. Nevertheless, they need it, which is natural. Moreover, some women are simply obsessed with sex; they can squeeze all the juices out of a man, satisfying their need for sex. So women are also interested in sex.

And thirdly, why not love it, because it’s such a pleasure, which you can get without negative consequences for yourself if you deal with it with your loved one? Good sex is good for your health. But let’s still discuss this issue in more detail and find out why men need sex more than women.

Why Men Need Sex?

So what is it about sex that attracts men? What is so attractive about it and why do they need it? The first thing to say is that sex is a pleasure. And sex with your beloved woman is a great, incomparable pleasure. You and I also know that all people strive for satisfaction and avoid pain, so they love, including sex, and do not like, say, hard work.

Sex is attractive in itself as a form of pleasure. And that is beautiful, as I said, not only for men but also for women. However, there are many pleasures in life, including non-bodily ones. But sex is one of the most basic forms of fun available to most people. That’s why they love him.

Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?
Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?

Let’s now think about why sex is a pleasure? Or rather, why did nature do so, so that we get pleasure from sex?

Well, we need to reproduce, rightly so, to continue our species. Therefore, a man should be drawn to a woman and a woman to a man. And it’s not just about pulling to chat about the weather, but for something more – for sex. In other words, people of different genders should be sexually attracted to each other to pardon the expression, mate, and reproduce.

After all, it is thanks to sexual intercourse that children are obtained. It means that a person must love the reproduction process, and to love that, he must enjoy it. It is why we want sex. So, for a person, sex can be just a pleasure, but it is a way to reproduce us for nature. As you can see, everything is natural and straightforward.

Where there is no intimacy, there can be no perfect sex.

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Only men, as fertilizers, are more concerned with this process itself, that is, having sex. As mothers, to a greater extent, women also think about caring for their offspring, so they need men not only for sex but also for relationships. They need a man – who will take care of them and their children, who will provide for their family and protect them from various threats.

Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?
Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?

Men, by their nature, strive to fertilize as many females as possible to make their offspring more numerous. It makes it more likely that it will survive. Instead, men can only think about the pleasure they get from sex with different women while nature does its job.

We just learned to deceive nature by using contraceptives to have fun and not have children. But at the same time, it is complicated for us to fool the sexual desire itself. And you don’t need to do this – you need to take sex and its consequences more seriously.

The Sex is A Natural Need not A Game

It is also essential to understand that sex is a need. It is not a game, not a man’s invention, not one of his invented desires, but a natural, pure natural need that must be satisfied to feel comfortable, both from a psychological and physical point of view. Whether we like it or not, we need to meet our needs; nature calls us this.

Therefore, regardless of our attitude to sex – we will want to do it. After all, we must deal with it because we must reproduce and continue our race, like all other living beings on this planet. Therefore, the need for sex is extreme. Not as strong, perhaps, as the need for self-preservation, but still very strong. No wonder Freud called the sexual instinct the basic instinct because he saw its strong influence on a person.

Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?
Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?

So from the point of view of physiology, everything is straightforward – our libido [sexual attraction to a person of the opposite sex] is supported by hormones. They cause a person to desire to be sexually active. And this desire is sometimes assertive if a person has not had sex for a long time.

Some people are ready for anything for sex, including violence. So men don’t just love sex – they need it. They must satisfy this need of theirs, as, indeed, women, just as they satisfy their requirements for food, drink, sleep, and so on.

Just as some people like to eat and sleep, and many other things related to their basic needs, some men, like some women, are very fond of sex, maybe a little stronger than necessary. There is nothing wrong with that.

I repeat – you need to engage in sex wisely, that is, thinking about the consequences. Then there will be no problems with that, or rather, with love for that.

Sex is A Physical and Emotional Pleasure

The next thing that is important to know is that sex is a physical and emotional pleasure and even mental satisfaction when it comes to sex between people who love each other. We usually call this sex–making love.

People are drawn to each other not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. True, much more often, people feel a mainly physical attraction to an individual of the opposite sex, as the most obvious.

Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?
Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?

Still, many of us talk about our love for another person because we experience this feeling, and not just about the desire to have sex with him. And even men, despite their polygamy, still prefer to have sex not just and not only with a sexually attractive woman, but with a woman with whom they have spiritual closeness.

Maybe not everyone wants it, but many. Or better, let’s put it this way – men can have sex with different women, but they make love only with the woman they love, to whom they feel not only sexual but also an emotional and spiritual attraction. So people are guided not only by animal instincts but also by higher feelings.

Men Need Sex Because of Their Nature

Men also need sex because of their nature, they are hunters and conquerors who are constantly striving for new victories and new conquests, and therefore for new sensations, new emotions. And to have sex with a woman, especially with a gorgeous woman, you first need to conquer, seduce, captivate, buy, and so on. It is a kind of hunting or even a game in which a woman is prey, a reward.

Instead, sex with a woman is prey, victory, reward, achievement. And having conquered one woman, a man turns his attention to other women whom he has not yet managed to conquer, that is, to persuade to have sex or, as they say, to drag into bed. Many men like this kind of hunting. For them, it is a fascinating exciting, exciting activity.

Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?
Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?

Some men devote themselves entirely to this emotional game. Usually, the more women a man has, the more confident he feels. In addition, a man displays a relatively high and long-term sexual activity concerning each new woman, female precisely because not only from a psychological but also from a biological point of view, his desire for sex with different women is a natural desire for him. I do not recommend men to justify their infidelity with this desire.

In part, sex is also a way of socialization. After all, if a man enjoys excellent success with the opposite sex, if many women and girls show interest in him, and he has sex with many of them, at least presumably, then this success of his willy-nilly causes admiration and envy of other men – they begin to be more respectful of such an alpha male.

People are jealous of big money and power; this is how many women with whom a man has a very close relationship, other men can also envy. And this envy forces them to respect a strong and self-confident man who proves to himself and others that he is a real man, a real male.

Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?
Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?

Sometimes, however, such envy causes a feeling of anger and hatred for such a man, and even some attempts on the part of other men to harm him. But there is nothing to be surprised at, and there is nothing to be afraid of either – people tend to hate those they envy, and most of them always envy someone. It is our nature. You need to be able to live with this.

I believe that envy is a good incentive to strive for more and succeed in life. Truth in this matter – in the case of sex, it is better not to deviate from your life values. For example, being devoted to your beloved woman and your family is no less critical than collecting women, and from my point of view, it is much more critical. But every man has his values, his vision of life, so I will not cultivate my point of view.

In addition, sex, or rather an orgasm, like all other types of pleasure, is in some way a drug. Therefore it causes a specific dependence. They want to do it repeatedly, and over time they even want to add some variety to their sex life. They want new, unusual sensations.

Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?
Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?

People quickly become addicted to everything good, pleasant, and delightful. Therefore, if a person is used to enjoying sex, then he will strive for it constantly. Many men like to have sex with a woman without any obligations, and they also want to experiment in sex.

It is understandable when you do not need to bear any responsibility for anything and anyone, and pleasure can be received constantly and in large quantities. Such life begins to be pleasant. But not all men like that, and therefore many of them still prefer to have a family, children and even remain faithful to their wives. For this, a man and a woman must love each other and not just want.

In general, the problem with a man’s passion for sex begins when a man is only interested in sex and nothing else. It happens for a variety of reasons. I will talk about them in other articles.

In the meantime, keep in mind, dear women, that the more primitive a man is, the least of all he is interested in life, including a woman. For example, to evaluate, not just notice, but assess a woman’s intelligence, a man himself must be an intellectually developed person.

Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?
Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?

In the same way, to be interested in the soul of a woman, a man must adhere to specific values higher than those values ​​in which a man seeks only to satisfy his base animal needs. If, apart from wine, sex, cigarettes, and gambling, a man is no longer interested in anything in life, do not expect him to understand your inner world, that he will see in you something more than just a female.

You know that there are people, in our case, men, who trample the beads with their feet, so throwing it in front of them is pointless.

Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?
Why Men Need Sex More Than Women?

Also, problems with men, or rather, with their need for sex, arise in women when a man loves sex with different women, and not only, and sometimes not so much with his beloved wife, and much less often problems arise when a man loves perverted sex, which is simply unacceptable for a woman.

These problems can be solved if the man himself recognizes them and wants to change his attitude towards sex. Here, as with any other kind of pleasure, as with any other habit and addiction, you need to fight.

There is nothing wrong with sex itself, and there has never been, so you can love it and treat it neutrally, as a most ordinary need, like, say, a need for food that needs to be satisfied. It is terrible when love for sex takes on such forms in which this love causes problems, as for a woman and a man.

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