Will Smith’s Advice on How to Take Care of Yourself?

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Will Smith'S Advice

Knowing how to take care of yourself is important in many ways. Indeed, it allows us to improve our physical and mental well-being. In reality, it is simply a must-have tool to make your daily life better. It is not an easy task however. Especially when we see that, nowadays, the vast majority of us are often overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities we have to face. To help you in this process, we have gathered some of Will Smith’s advice.

Will Smith’s Advice

For the American star, knowing how to take care of yourself does not necessarily mean being selfish. In an interview with Quiknugs TV in 2016, he borrowed a quote from Buddha-Siddhartha. Gautama to share his point of view. “The right people have to get out of bed every day, and try to empty the ocean with a ladle.” For him, this requires improving your state of mind and taking care of yourself so that you can offer the world and your surroundings all the best.

1: Tips from Will Smith: Overcoming Fear

The first of Will Smith’s tips to promote you a serene life is to face your fears. He shares, for example, an experience he had in his childhood. On a family trip, they are stopped on the Grand Canyon to admire the view. Young Smith knew it would be an incredible experience. But still, he hesitated to go to the edge precisely because he was afraid. He compares life to that. You will never be able to achieve your goals, realize your dreams if you do not take your courage with two hands.

Indeed, “everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.” We all have very specific expectations about life. Yet most of us don’t want (or fail) to do everything we can to get what we want. In the majority of cases, it is the fear of the unknown, of the unpredictable, that holds us back.

“I wish to free myself from this toxic person, but I would probably find myself alone.

“I’m not happy in my job, but what if I never get a job?

“There’s too much stress in my life, but there’s nothing I can do about it anyway.

Will Smith’s advice would tell you to stop these thoughts today. And start acting! “Our thoughts come true.” “You cannot win the war against the world if you cannot win the war against your own mind.” He admits that 99 % of people who say they want to look like him do not want to make enough effort to get there. Do not be one of them!

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2: Work Hard to Improve Yourself

“You want something? Go get him. One point is all”. This is one of Will Smith’s most inspiring tips for taking care of yourself. For him, “there is no shortcut to success.” By the way, this remains effective in all aspects of life. He does not consider himself a particularly talented person. He had to work hard to acquire the skills needed to become the reputed actor he is today.

As a reminder, talent is something innate. This is especially the case if you are talented in a specific field. If you are adept at doing a specific thing without blow fer. This is not the case with skills. You must be ready to provide the effort required for perfect mastery. “Improving one’s life begins with improving oneself.”

Are you struggling to get out of a toxic relationship? Don’t wait and fight emotional addiction right now.

Do psychological downturns fuse in your surroundings? Take the initiative to get away from these negative people in the shortest possible time. Get help if needed.

Do you face a manipulative person daily? Learn to counter manipulate.

Can’t you say no, at the expense of your well-being? Read a few books or articles that might help.

Get rid of all these “chains” and various phobias that hold you back and start living for yourself. Will Smith’s advice would be to simplify your life to the maximum. “We make things more complex than they should be. We’re looking for something complex because we think it can’t be that simple.”

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3: Tips from Will Smith: How to Let Go

The Last of Will Smith’s advice we’ll see today is the art of letting go. Jada Pinkett Smith’s husband took on the challenge of jumping from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. He did this to mark his fiftieth anniversary in 2018. In the speech that followed, he compared life as that experience. The only way to get hurt was to hesitate and cling to the device. And so is life. If you stubbornly cling to your past, if you fail to forgive yourself for the mistakes you may have made, it will prevent you from moving forward.

That’s why Will Smith’s advice on how to take care of yourself is to learn how to let go. The truth is that clinging to pain, negativity, will not help you get better. Rehashing the past again and again in your mind will not change it. Similarly, wishing things had gone differently would not make them so. All you can do is accept it. So, make sure that the future is better. Learn meaningful lessons that can help you improve. It is only under these conditions that you could hope for a change. After all, “life is difficult. You might get hurt. Your heart could be broken. But you still have to get involved. Don’t hesitate.

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